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A secure investment

Used Driveline Warranty

3-month standard warranty

Every used truck supplied by Haydock Commercials is inspected and prepared to a very high standard, we then issue a comprehensive 3 month driveline warranty for added peace of mind.


Failure of the following mechanical parts:  Starter ring gear, flywheel, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, timing gears and chains, camshafts and bearings, oil cooler, intercooler, tappet gear, valves and guides (excluding burnt out valves), pistons and rings, cylinder bores, con rods, turbocharger and all internal bushings.  Exhaust, brakes all parts (excluding seizing) core plugs, rear main oil seal, timing cover oil seal, thrusts and shims.  All claims arising from either nuts and bolts becoming loose or metal fatigue on the inside of the engine.

Cooling System 

Failure of the following mechanical parts: Head gasket, thermostat, cooling fan clutch, water pump, radiator, excluding choked, blocked or corroded units (excluding all other parts associated with the cooling system).

Manual Transmission 

Failure of the following parts: Gears, shafts, synchro hubs, slectors, bushes, splitter mechanisms, range changes and overdrive units when fitted (excluding electrics, solenoid and external linkages). Range change and splitter valve and solenoids.  PTO if fitted from new or by recognised hydraulics specialist, gearbox and range change/splitter oil seals.  All claims arising from either nuts and bolts becoming loose or metal fatigue on the inside of the gearbox, range change, or splitter units.

Rear Axles 

Failure of the following mechanical parts: Crown wheel and pinion, half shafts, half shaft oil seal and bearings, hub reduction gears, bearings and 
two-speed operating mechanisms (excluding external linkages). Diff locks and mechanism, planetary gears, diff pinion seal.


Failure of the propshaft including universal joints and bearings.  Also centre bearings and transfer boxes, cross lock on 8x4 and 6x4.

Fuel System 

Failure of the lift pump and fuel injections pump, EDC units, pump couplings, excluding injectors, pipes, linkages and all other parts associated with the fuel system.


The following casings are covered provided they have been damaged by a failure and/or by the consequential damage of the insured parts failing:  Cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox/transfer casing, rear axle housing, carrier casing and bell housing.  (Damage as a result of accident, frost or overheating is excluded).  Cracked casing not caused by direct overheating, to be covered.

Extended warranty

If you want to fix your maintenance costs  you can now add a extended warranty With Scania Haydock Commercials.  Have the peace of mind that you can avoid unexpected maintenance bills with the Extended warranty which now covers vehicles under 6 years old and with mileage below 840.000km at the start of the policy.

Summary of Warranty

  • Vehicles covered under 72 months and 840,000 kms at start. 

  • 12 month period. 

  • 104 point check. 

  • Simple paperwork. 

  • Simple claims procedure on the first look European Cover Web based database for vehicles covered Good Labour Rate, inter-dealer agreement less 20% and Parts at retail Scania Assistance issue GOP covers single axle drive to start. 

  • All major items covered including EGR valves and turbos. 

  • Its renewable for a second year. 

  • Customer tied to servicing but not inspections at a main dealer. 

  • Opportunities to tie in with service contracts possible.