2020 Transition – Stable Regulation  

Until at least 31st December 2020 the UK will be in a ‘transition’ period that keeps the UK inside the Single Market and Customs Union.   

For road haulage companies no changes will apply in 2020 to current rules around:

  • Customs & Border Processes for importing and exporting goods
  • Community licences
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Driving licences
  • Driver and Transport Manager Certificates of Professional Competence,
  • Tachograph legislation
  • Passports and identity documents
  • European Health Cards (EHIC)
  • CMR notes

Cabotage and cross trade rights and obligations under EU rules remain in place for all EU and UK operators as if the UK is still a member of the EU.

Rules around the above list will change for road haulage movements from 1st January 2021.  Preparation by hauliers and traders in all areas will be needed during 2020.