2018 DDA winners

We are very honoured and proud to announce Haydock Commercials have won Scania DDA (Dealer Development Awards) 2018.

We also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris from Commercial Motor which included an interview with the Chairman and Director as well as an interview with our Sales Director, Craig and Sales Executive, Thomas for a 'From the Forecourt' special, which will be in an edition of Commercial Motor shortly.

The Scania dealership, which has five sites across the north-west of England and in north Wales, has been recognised as the top performer in the annual Dealer Development Agreement (DDA) that the Swedish manufacturer sets for the network.

The DDA covers thing such as improving customer satisfaction index rating, contacts with customers, training etc., there are 12 objectives in all. The dealers' performance is measured and monitored by Scania (Great Britain) Limited throughout the year.

There is a lot of kudos in coming out as the top performer and Operations Director, Mark Robertson is rightly proud, not just of this year's achievement but of the way Haydock Commercials have performed against such standards of the past decade. Mark added, "when you look back over the past ten years and we've won it 6 times and come second 3 times, it really is a great achievement".

Thanks to all the staff over all our depots; Deeside Truck Services, Ellesmere Port, Scania Widnes, Scania Preston, and Scania Haydock Commercials.

Also thanks to Commercial Motor, Chris Walton and Tom Cunningham Photography for such a great day.