BridgeStep Ltd have purchased their 6th Used Scania Vehicle

BridgeStep Ltd are a family run business, specialising in Transport Management and Logistics & Supply Chain. Their services include: Consultancy and Operator Licensing, HGV Driver Supply and Recruitment, Vocational Training including Driver CPC. BridgeStep Ltd specialists in Transport Management with a very successful track record.

Why do you like purchasing Used Scania and what do your drivers think of the brand/product?

When running a mixed fleet, sometimes it’s hard getting drivers to work in certain trucks. Since we have become a 75% Scania fleet, it is much easier to get drivers to drive them. There is rarely any resistance or complaints. We have one driver currently that has a preference for another make that we run. Eventually, we will become a 100% Scania fleet without a doubt. Drivers like to reliability and comfort of a Scania as well as taking pride in how they actually look. They consider them as ‘proper trucks’.

What do they think about the Fuel Consumption, although you have only had them for just under a year?

Fuel consumption is a difficult one to call at this stage due to previous vehicles not having telematics. We are in the process of having a full integrated telematics system installed in all of the vehicles. Based on our fuel spend, I would say we have some good MPG in comparison to other kit we have run.

Why Scania?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Scania since I started my life in logistics as an apprentice LGV technician, which were a 100% series 3 Scania fleet, which then moved on to series 4 as I was finishing my apprenticeship. I had looked into taking on leased Scania’s but always considered them out of my budget when we first started to operate. When we decided that purchasing kit was the way forward, we would only consider Scania, they are a solid reliable truck that gets the job done. In terms of a sales experience; we have dealt with Thomas Jennings previously and always known him for his integrity and genuine customer service. When he moved over to Scania, that was really when the consideration of purchasing used Scania came into play, to have that confidence that we’d be looked after… we had confidence in the brand, we just needed confidence in a sales person that we know will look after us.

The purchase of our first Scania’s needed to be perfect, we needed to experience a great after sales service or no further purchases would have been made. My business partner and I (my Wife) decided that if Thomas did what he promised and ensured we have great service, we would buy more… and we did within 4 months and again this year. The brand speaks for itself, customer service needs the people in place to create and maintain trusting relationships as an operator, you’re parting with a lot of money, you need to see a return on investment with that, and that includes being made to feel like you’re the only customer that matters. 

Additional notes:

The front desk team are great, the technicians are knowledgeable and helpful as well as looking and behaving professionally at all times. It’s like you’re passing over your kit to qualified Doctors that have swapped their white coats for overalls and are dealing with your issues with consideration and professionalism. All of the staff are a credit to Haydock Commercials and the Scania brand. We will continue to buy from this business. 

You don’t need to thank us for our business, just keep us on the road!

The phone interview was completed by Tom Bridge CMILT, Transport Manager, BridgeStep Ltd