Haydock Commercial Vehicles Warrington: home to a wide range of environmental initiatives

As a leading-edge, purpose-built commercial vehicle facility, the development of Haydock Commercial Vehicles Warrington has seen the implementation of a far-reaching environmental management plan to minimise the site's environmental impact.

The on-site attenuation pond, (or balancing pond), has been designed to control flow rates by storing floodwater and releasing it slowly once the risk of flooding has passed. The stored water will change the water level, and the pond is designed to function in both dry and wet weather. The control of flow rates is achieved by specialist flow control structures.

The premises have been designed for efficiency not only from the ground up with the use of recycled aggregates.

All water outlets are equipped with consumption-reducing fittings. The interceptors for surface water are also alarmed to detect spillages.  All lighting is motion-controlled with LED light units and heat recovery units reuse surplus heat collected from the ventilation system.  High efficiency heating is provided to the workshop areas via an AmbiRad system.

During the construction period, extensive use was made of local labour, plant and materials.  The site's waste management plan saw a minimum of 96 percent of waste materials recycled or reused, and all timber used was certified under either the FSC or PEFC forest management schemes.  Together, these factors contributed to the project being awarded a Considerate Constructors Scheme score of 38, signifying performance beyond compliance.