Harrisons Transport: The secret of their success

Service is key to Harrisons Transport. It’s a simple plan and allows them to grow with the success of their customers. And it has led to them ordering four next generation Scania trucks from Haydock Commercial Vehicles.

“We’ll do anything to make sure everything is perfect. Most of our business is repeat, so the more work our clients do, the more we have.” explains the owner Lee Harrison. 

The new Scania trucks are being used as part of their temperature controlled operation, moving chilled items such as salad and dairy products across the UK and into Europe.

None of their fleet is older than three years. “Our trucks are on the road 24/7. We need them to perform for our customers. Reputation and commitment are high priorities for us,” says Lee.

Len Wright Salads has been using Harrisons Transport for over 20 years. “They’re a major player in the transport industry with quality trucks and bespoke trailers. They’ve got an excellent track record for collecting and delivering our goods without issue,” says Ken Dobson, Transport Manager of Len Wright Salads.

"Our trucks are on the road 24/7. We need them to perform for our customers. Reputation and commitment are high priorities for us."

Lee Harrison

Owner, Harrisons Transport

The next generation Scania S 730 is Harrisons Transport’s new flagship truck. It has a personal connection for Lee, as it was bought in memory of his mother who passed away last year. The side panel of the fuel tank carries a touching tribute with artwork of Mrs Harrison throughout her life.

“It’s been a 100% positive reaction from our drivers on the new Scania trucks. They’re impressed with the comfort and especially the power of the S 730,” confirms Lee. His company has bought two S 580 and one S 730. They also have an S 500 on contract hire. “We went for a mixture of next generation Scania vehicles to see which performs the best on fuel. We’ll be looking at getting more later in the year.”

Harrisons Transport receives enquiries on a daily basis from drivers looking for work. And it’s not hard to see why, with a number of five star reviews on their Facebook page. Ian Pollitt comments: “Great place to work. Treated and spoken to as drivers should be. Work is always busy and the kit is spot on. Glad I was given the opportunity to work here.”

Based in Preston, 90% of their drivers are from the local area. Lee says: “It’s important to keep our roots in the community. All our drivers are given a uniform and modern, high-performing trucks. It’s all part of the package and helps us to get the best drivers, so we deliver the best service for our customers.”