Haydock Commercials always has time for independent companies, there is satisfaction in watching them grow from strength to strength. Husband and wife team Derek and Janine share a great philosophy and a great business.

Derek Mason Transport was started in 2002 from Small beginnings and is still growing with an enviable customer base to include the likes of Cadburys, Kraft foods, Heinz and DHL to name a few. They are very proud of their excellent reputation for customer service who's goal is simply to offer an honest and reliable haulage service throughout the UK.  Through this great philosophy they have continually grown.  They run a modern fleet which they meretriciously have maintained by the finest dealers and Haydock Commercials is proud to supply their Scania trucks with the introduction of their Second new Scania 6x2 Tag V8 Opticruise Topline, a great truck for a great company.

The Scania R580 V8 is no ordinary truck with 16.5 litres swept volume, max power 580 HP at 1900r/min delivered from a Euro 6 engine, making any task easy while having some the lowest emissions in the world.

Scania have been producing the V8 since Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon in 1969 with the famous words "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." I know he must have been looking at Earth sighting a New Scania V8, which was the most powerful truck in Europe and gained the title "King of the Road."  We may not have been back to the moon but the Scania V8 has remained the "King of the Road" every day since!

While I do not think Derek Mason Transport will be delivering to the moon anytime soon I know they will continue to achieve excellence with their drivers taking great pride in keeping these awesome Scania truck spotless; after all these Scania trucks represent the brand  "Derek Mason" and it is also representing their professionalism and customers reputation.

Haydock Commercials are proud to have been chosen by another great independent company supplying Derek Mason with this gleaming red beauty. It is the independent companies that make the UK great.  Thank you to the husband and wife team , Derek and Janice for their business and all of the Haydock Commercials team wish them continued success.