30 new Scania G410 Trucks for DHL

All the depots in the Haydock Commercials group are continually busy serving its customers with new trucks, used trucks and the extremely important after-sales support services. However for the last two weeks an extra mention of credit is deserved by the Ellesmere Port depot where that have had two weeks to prepare 30 new G410 trucks for DHL on top of their usual work load.

Despite this every truck was prepared with an exceptional attention to detail to the exacting standards expected by ever Scania truck driver.

This army of G410 series trucks will soon be delivering parcels for DHL. The G-series range of Scania trucks brings a new level of comfort to drivers engaged in national long-haulage, distribution and virtually all types of construction applications. All models are equipped with a spacious G-cab, and each is available as a tractor or rigid. These trucks will be delivering, reliability and class-leading fuel economy while DHL concentrated on delivering our parcels.

Ellesmere Port serves Cheshire and the surrounding areas with all your Scania needs from new Scania trucks, used trucks and a complete after-sales service including mot's and pet reg facility.

At Ellesmere Port we promise you quality work carried out by competent personnel and to make your business our priority. This is a fundamental belief throughout the Haydock Commercials group.