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The benefits of electronic signatures are no better illustrated than by one Scania Financial Services customer. There was only one person in the organisation who could sign for a new finance agreement for a vehicle delivery the next day.

Now usually they would be sat in the office. But not on this occasion. They were sitting on a beach in Barbados. But while they sipped their Pina Colada under the cool shade of a palm tree, the signature was signed electronically and the vehicle was able to be delivered. The next day!

Electronic signatures offer a way to sign documents in the online world. Think of them as the digital equivalent of signing a document with a pen in the offline world. They are secure, speedy and efficient - and reduce the paperwork postage trail that can lead to delays.

"Our electronic signature service can be used on an iPad OS system, Android phone or on the web," commented Gerard Moriarty, Operations Director, Scania Financial Services. "They are quick, simple and easy to use."

Gerard says other benefits include being able to sign off an agreement as soon as it's been paid; and the ability to use for accounting purposes immediately. Old paper signatures could take five days.

And the greater convenience of being able to sign at your leisure, rather than arranging an appointment with a Scania representative.