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French boat manufacturer Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels (A2V) has built a vessel that can go at twice the speed for half the fuel – thanks to Scania engines.

Clémentine is a 25-seater passenger boat equipped with two Scania 600 hp DI13 engines, selected for their reliability and low weight.

Whereas most boats are limited by size of engine in relation to efficiency or performance, A2V technology is a gamechanger.

It has fuel consumption that's almost equivalent to travelling by car, according to A2V’s Managing Director Lionel Huetz. And can go faster than most competitors.

Engineer Gianluca Guelfi said the Scania engines saved 300 kilos each and can operate for many hours at high rotational speed. The consumption per kilometre is halved and Clémentine adds speed while reducing carbon footprint and fuel costs.

AV2 has identified coastal surveillance, passenger transport, pilot boats, offshore traffic and sea taxis as potential markets.