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Motorway service areas are fine for car drivers looking for a suitable stop to break a journey, but not so hot for truckers.

Transport Focus’ research findings into the motorway services network revealed that many of the facilities they offer to car drivers show over 95% satisfaction.

However, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said that investment in services for commercial drivers has not kept pace and satisfaction levels are dropping.

Malcolm Bingham, head of road network policy at the FTA said: “The gap between the private and commercial sectors is widening in approval terms.

“The investment in consumer services has generated a much-improved response from those polled but increasing numbers of commercial drivers have concerns about the facilities offered to them, from a quality and quantity point of view.

“Commercial drivers are expected to undertake a physically and mentally demanding job on motorways, operating to tight deadlines and under considerable pressure.”

Among the concerns of commercial drivers polled for the Transport Focus survey, a lack of overnight security provision was seen as a key problem, alongside POOR value for money in overnight parking fees.

FTA members have raised concerns over the availability of HGV parking, particularly during the day, as well as insufficient parking spaces for vehicles.

Bingham said: “After promising improved facilities for commercial drivers nationwide more than a year ago, the Department for Transport must now step up and fulfil its commitments to the logistics industry.

“Goods vehicle drivers are covered by regulatory requirements for taking rest during their working week and deserve to have decent parking and facilities available in which to do so.”