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Business Partner

Business area: Business Development
Location: Milton Keynes
Reporting to: Project Manager
Permanent | Full-time


Working within the Change Function the Business Partner has the overall responsibility to serve as the strategic interface into the business (the “trusted advisor”) for the purpose of strategy development, solution discovery, service management, risk management and relationship management.  Ability to connect the dots through a stakeholder’s eyes with a keen ability to sift through the clutter of data to articulate the business strategy and the alignment of change initiatives to achieve it faster, more efficiently and with a measurable outcome.


Develop and implement the Business Unit business development strategy

  • Partners with the UK ET and other key Stakeholders to define opportunities and help with change prioritisation
  • Provides consulting level support and guidance to all levels of the business, including completion of business analysis and preparation of recommendations and business plans
  • Contribute fully to the development of the BU strategy across all areas of the business, including Business Plans and Market Plan
  • Provide leadership to optimise the BU´s IT, business process, data analysis, reporting and project management performance
  • Identify areas with performance problems and work with the operational manager to decide upon corrective actions
  • Provide succinct executive level verbal and written business updates on performance
  • Be proactive, solution oriented and challenge the organisation when needed to improve performance and ensure that targets are reached

Manage Compliance

  • Ensure that change initiatives comply with Scania Group Policies and other regulations policies and procedures within the business
  • Work with the Compliance Manager to ensure that deliverables are compliant with both local and group compliance and audit requirements

Drive business development understanding

  • Support management, local board and others with relevant IT, business process, data and reporting outcome
  • Ensure a good understanding of the business development targets and KPI´s throughout the organisation
  • Uses data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data driven recommendations to the UK ET and other key Stakeholders
  • Establishes initiatives and strategies to improve reporting and to optimise costs within the business
  • Acts to support when and where understanding might be limited or deficient

Manage internal control

  • Develop good internal controls in the organisation
  • Understands their stakeholders and effectively communicates decisions, priorities and relevant information
  • Manages conflicting requirements and priorities
  • Responsible for risk management
  • Portfolio management skills to enable mutual prioritisation of business demand
  • Foster risk awareness as well as entrepreneurial risk and reward thinking in the organisation
  • Emphasise the “bigger picture” to leaders in the BU by working systematically to improve the utilization of people and resources (equipment, software etc.)
  • Explain the importance of utilising and developing process improvements and new IT to the entire organisation
  • Owns the UNITY roadmap from a local BU perspective, ensuring that requirements are raised with the central team and managed through to delivery
  • Ensures that the regular AAF releases are scheduled, tested and signed off in line with the agreed roadmap
  • Manages the Business SMEs to ensure that test scripts, scenarios are maintained and that resources are available to test releases as required
  • Responsible for ensuring that adequate training is delivered to enable users to be able to work with new versions of AAF/D365; where needed this could be through the production of materials and e-learning

Development of administrative processes

  • Supports the preparation of reporting on change initiatives and progress to the UK ET and other key stakeholders
  • Collaborate with management to develop annual budgets for projects/change initiatives
  • Ensure accurate reporting according to time plan
  • Support the investment process through the production of business cases or other required documentation
  • Develop and work with continuous improvements for all applicable processes 

Lead the business development organisation

  • Participate and contribute actively in the BU Management team meetings. Work with senior teams to grow the business and improve operational performance
  • Establish a high level of credibility and manage strong working relationships with external parties including CO, dealers, customers, consultants, advisors and vendors
  • Work with CO senior management team co-ordinating IT and other business development and improvement activities
  • Coach and develop employees in the team through competence development
  • Conduct and act upon P&D Talks, competence and performance management, succession planning and employee satisfaction surveys
  • With integrity and fact based, challenge the existing way of working and challenge decisions that do not lead to the desired result or to the target achievement

Systemize improvement work according to the Scania way (SRS)

  • Set agenda for standardized work methods and improvement activities and manage resources within the same department and cross-functional improvement activities
  • Follow up on improvement activities and goals in connection to the business objectives
  • Ensure transfer of best practice between teams within the same department and between departments
  • Apply systematic management (setting measurable targets, secure resources, set standards, follow-up, implement learning loop)
  • Set a lean strategy (linked to business needs) for whole the operation
General Competencies
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining business development management and reporting systems and complementary administrative business processes, to support the effective and judicious use of business development resources.
  • Perform business analysis and prepare recommendations and business plans as needed.
  • Using an understanding of business issues, processes and outcomes to enhance business performance.
  • Demonstrates understanding of customers (internal and external), their commercial offerings, industry, business, motivational drivers and needs. Understands how Scania can contribute to the optimization of customer profitability.
  • Locating and collecting data from appropriate sources and analysing it to prepare meaningful and concise reports that summarize the information.
  • Managing others to ensure their work contributes to organisational goals. Developing individuals, building teams, resolving conflicts and applying workplace policies.
  • Planning, allocating and mobilizing resources (human, physical, information and financial resources) to achieve organisational goals
  • Demonstrates understanding for importance of safety and health policies, procedures and regulations. Creates and safeguards a healthy, safe and sustainable work environment for all employees
  • Utilise the appropriate technologies and ensure that customers have the solutions they need, when they need them and, in the media, best suited to their requirements
Personal Competencies
  • Listening and communicating openly, honestly and respectfully with different audiences, promoting dialogue and building consensus
  • Create shared vision of their respective solutions and facilitate decision making and arbitration relating to trade-offs both within and between different solutions and conflicting priorities
  • Holding yourself and others to high standards of accountability and creating an infrastructure and transparent culture that supports and measures personal and organisational responsibility and accountability
  • Treating others fairly, honestly, and respectfully, furthering the integrity of the organization and its relationships of trust with the broader community
  • Supporting others to develop and learn, recognizing their achievements, and building an organisational culture where knowledge and growth are valued and rewarded
  • Energizing and inspiring others to strive for excellence and commit to common goals and purposes, creating a sense of self-efficacy, resilience, and persistence in followers
  • Recognizing the need for change, being open to new ideas and methods, and championing transformational change within the organization and beyond
  • Seeing and synthesizing different sides of an issue, examining the full range of options and outcomes, and building intellectual frameworks to guide analysis and action
  • Demonstrates the effort, willingness and ambition to achieving results. Meets objectives and responds proactively to avoid disappointing results
Desirable experience & qualifications
  • Relevant higher education or equivalent work experience
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Operational execution excellence
  • Team and collaboration orientation, including excellent negotiation skills
  • Problem solving
  • Performance driven
  • Public Speaking
  • Effective written/verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrable experience of working as a senior level Business Analyst or Business Partner within other organisations with a proven track record of delivering successful change initiatives
  • Extensive managerial and leadership experience preferably in the financial services or commercial vehicle industry
  • Fluent in English
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