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Celebrating 10 Years Of Exemplary Service

Scania’s continued success is attributed to many factors and its dedicated employees is a major contributing factor and in December 2018, Scania Tanzania Ltd honoured and appreciated the hard work and commitment of its five employees who have worked at the company since 2008.

Dawson Richard and Daniel George from the sales department and Japhet Nyange, Abeid Khaniki and Alex Rwezaura from the after-sales department were awarded with certificates of appreciation for their exemplary service over the last 10 years by Lars Eklund, Managing Director Scania Tanzania.

“We are very fortunate to have staff members who have been so dedicated, committed and loyal to the company for so many years and the company sincerely appreciates their effort,” Eklund elatedly mentioned during the award ceremony.

“We have a culture of continuous improvement here at Scania in order for our employees to have the right skills and product knowledge to achieve the objectives of the company,” Eklund went further to add on.

Scania is an equal opportunity employer with many employees building their entire careers within the company. With more than 45,000 employees working in more than 100 countries, the company values the efforts, knowledge, ambition and experience of its employees by providing them with a work environment that they can thrive in.

Dawson Richard explains his loyalty to the company, “I have been working for Scania for the last ten years and I am still looking forward to doing more for the company. I enjoy working for Scania because the company is filled with a spirit of leadership built upon shared and inclusive core values that guides employees in their daily work. Scania has a unique working climate where employees take on responsibility and we are given the opportunity to further develop within the company’s operations.”