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Tailored for the task

Just as your business is unique, so too is the city you operate in. Urban driving involves many starts and stops, frequent climbing in and out of the cab, and the constant need to keep track of other vehicles and pedestrians around the truck while driving. The Scania L-series is purpose-designed for congested city conditions.

The line-up

Easy access

“As soon as I apply the parking brake, the front air suspension drops 100 millimetres. Then it’s more or less a matter of walking in or out of the truck.”

Maja Stomby

field test driver, Alvarssons Transport

Purposefully designed

The new Scania L-series is purposefully designed for tight city conditions. The cab has great visibility, low entry steps and easy cross-cab access.

Design features


Scania engines are known for their fuel efficiency. Our new generation trucks take our reputation a step further. Improved injectors and combustion, contribute to reducing both engine speed and cutting fuel consumption by up to 4% for our 9-litre engine.


From cab safety and visibility to high-standard safety systems, Scania safety gives you the peace of mind to transport your cargo in the best way possible.

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There are three cornerstones for fuel economy: the driver, the vehicle and the services behind them. Our goal is always to reduce your costs and increase your revenue.

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At Scania, we’re focused on your business. It’s all about improving productivity, increasing ease of access and reducing the time needed to perform the task at hand. Sharing the same goal – that your business should be as profitable as possible.

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Make it your own

With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Make it a good experience. Make it a Scania.


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