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Connectivity and Mobility event  

On 26 November 2019, Johan Clason Sales & Marketing Director was keynote speaker represented from Scania Siam Co., Ltd. to talk about The future transport business in TSCC Smart Cities Symposium at The Landmark Bangkok.

Scania’s aim is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system. Which is all about moving people and goods while contributing to economic and social development without jeopardising human health and safety or endangering the environment.

The lack of local rules and regulation makes it difficult for the manufactures such as Scania and the customer to know in which direction they should go. Therefore we at Scania welcome the energy blueprint from the Ministry of Energy which present targets within energy efficiency, renewable fuels and energy security. These targets shows an ambition and the most positive part is that they can be achieved with existing technology. Furthermore can the targets easily be linked to the three pillars that we frequently use when talking about sustainability.

“We are driving our customers profitability by helping them to become more Energy efficient. Every saved liter of fuel means more money in our customers pocket and 2.7kg less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Alternative fuels and electrification for low carbon footprint and to create a circular economy where we take use of local resources and turn waste into fuel. Smart and safe transport which we link to connectivity. All our vehicles are today connected and, so is the trend within all industries. This give us and our customers full control of the performance of their operation, improved utilization, productivity and safety.”

“Scania as a part of the transport and logistical sector makes us a contributor to the carbon footprint. So we are a part of the problem, but by driving the shift towards sustainable transport system Scania’s whole purpose is to be a part of the solution. By offering existing and new technologies and with partnership from policymakers, decision makers, suppliers of energy and infrastructure as well as with the society. We need to take action here and now.”  Summary by Johan Clason.

In the event, Scania also had a booth where we presented Scania’s way of working with sustainable transport solutions and how alternative fuels such as Natural Gas, Biogas, Biodiesel, Bioethanol drastically can reduce the carbon footprint of transportations.