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In a business like yours, conditions are constantly changing. By continuously analysing your vehicle data, we are able to identify and act on your servicing needs before they occur. This enables us to be proactive in terms of planning and administration, which in turn allows you to focus on what actually matters – your business and your transport operation.

Maximum Uptime

Scania’s maintenance plans are tailored to maximise business efficiency and availability – regardless of your operational needs.

Peace of Mind

Don’t call us, we call you! Scania Maintenance minimise administration - hence more time for you to focus on your business development.

Proactive and preventive

With our detailed maintenance reports you find your inspection results, advice and suggestions as well as suggested repair dates if needed.

Modularised service offer

We adapt our service plans to fit your operational needs.


You get more than just an oil change when you maintain your vehicle with Scania. Our proactive maintenance plans have optimised intervals, continuously updated based on real-time data. We remotely check for additional repair needs before your visit.

Fleet Care

Scania Fleet Care is an extensive service that encourages total fleet utilisation, provides better cost control and improves cash flow. Scania’s professionals continuously diagnose problems and take preventive action, minimising disruptions of your transport flow.


Our quotes are based on the optimal time our experienced technician should take to carry out a repair. You get genuine Scania Parts – the very latest specification and the highest quality – and we change all parts needed at once, to avoid later problems.

Find your service solution

Scania service contracts help you get the most out of your vehicles by keeping them in top condition. With flexible repair and maintenance solutions, you'll find the right fit for your enterprise and avoid unplanned costs, while maximising your uptime.


Additional services


With Scania insurance services, you get the security of knowing that accidents won't keep you off the road for long. You'll be covered for accident repairs – so there are no nasty surprises.

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