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The word uptime may sound simple – but a wide perspective covering both customised services, the vehicle and the driver are needed to achieve and maintain it. Because even though your entire life likely doesn’t depend on uptime – unlike the drivers in our documentary series “No Room For Downtime” – we’re confident your business does.


Increase your profitability with maintenance based on real life vehicle usage data, through reduced wear through application based driver training, and scheduled according to your operation rather than the other way around. Explore our uptime services to see how we can tailor a solution to let you be more productive.

Tailored for you

Scania offers specific and reliable solutions for a wide range of different applications, individually specified for its intended operation.

Tailored products Scania offers specific and reliable solutions for a wide range of different applications, allowing us to meet the demands of various operations, from mining, forestry and bus systems, to retail distribution and waste handling.

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Fleet management The data collected on board Scania trucks gives valuable insight into driving styles, productivity and economy. This level of tracking and diagnostics can bring significant benefits in increased uptime, improved safety and reduced operating costs.

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Fleet care Gain full control of your fleets and get the most out of your businesses, regardless of brands or age, and rest assure each vehicle is performing at peak condition. Performance analysis uses data from both your business and the workshops to identify operational disturbances that can cause unplanned stops, so you can focus on your core business.

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Driver services

A good driving style saves fuel, reduces vehicle wear and increases safety on the road. We offer tailored training programs with following coaching, so that your drivers always will perform at their peak.

Driver evaluation Driver Evaluation helps you as a haulier to identify areas of improvement for each driver. An automated driver assessment takes both the characteristics of the trip and the driving data into consideration to make a fair assessment. Each trip is scored from A to E. Trip scores are set in comparison with other drivers' performance in the same operation type. To help improve skills, drivers are ranked according to their trip performance, making it easier to implement best practices where needed.

Driver training The drivers are the ones in power to cut your fuel consumption and minimise your repair and maintenance needs. At Scania, we offer tailored training programs with following coaching, so that your drivers always will perform at their peak.

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Driver coaching Newly adopted one-to-one coaching techniques help Scania drivers reduce wear and tear, stress and fuel consumption, all while increasing comfort and road safety.

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Minimise downtime

Plan ahead with increased insights regarding which vehicles will need service, when and for how long they will need to be in the workshop. Schedule service and maintenance only during controlled downtime.

Flexible maintenance With flexible maintenance plans we continuously update the service intervals for your vehicle, based on real-time performance data. It enables us to be proactive and detect problems in advance and avoid unnecessary planned downtime.

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Remote diagnostics Remote diagnostics enables workshops and Scania Assistance to run diagnostics remotely to prepare for servicing of the vehicle at the roadside or in the workshop with minimum downtime for the customer.

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Scania assistance Available 24/7/365 – you’re just one call away from a professional service coordinator who knows your Scania – and speaks your language. So if the unexpected happens, there’s always someone at the end of the line who can help.

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Scania insurance Even when you're doing your best, you have to be prepared for the worst. Our insurance services help you minimise financial loss, handle damages, and get you back in business as soon as possible.

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No room for downtime documentary series – stream it for free right here

Here are all the episodes of No Room for Downtime, a documentary series about people who choose a life on some of the world’s most demanding transport routes. We get to meet drivers that would do anything for their jobs – even risking their own safety. What motivates them? What are their lives like? Click below to find out.


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