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XT power

Tough challenges call for durable and powerful powertrains. XT trucks are equipped with world-class powertrains. They offer outstanding uptime and fuel efficiency as well as excellent driveability, fit for every purpose.

Rear axle

At the heart of XT

Being part of a production chain means always depending on others, just as others will always depend on you. With the high torque-to-horsepower ratio of all Scania engines, the XT range is prepared for any mission ahead. From the lightweight inline-5 engine all the way to the famous Scania V8, we offer a wide range of engine alternatives spanning from 280 up to 730 horsepower.

Smooth and fast gearing

The Normal, Power, Economy and Off-road driving modes enable the Scania Opticruise gearbox to cope with all kinds of operations in the most fuel-efficient way. In addition, the new lay-shaft brake provides faster and smoother gear changes to maintain both  engine torque and road speed.

For operations that requires the driver to be in charge for specific manoeuvring a new performance step for Scania Opticruise is introduced called Clutch on demand. Here we have added a clutch pedal which could be used when needed otherwise the system works as an ordinary automatic clutch system.

Traction maximised

We offer a wide range of axles with robust and low weight design. You can choose from  single driven or tandem driven with single or hub reduction. Our rear axles with hub reduction can master heavy gross vehicle- and train weights, and with a wide selection of gear ratios and large-handed ground clearance Scania’s rear axles will maximise traction and offer great driveability.

Heavy, tough and rough operations

“For sure, the upfront cost of a Scania vehicle may not be the cheapest, but with its reliability, fuel economy and support from the dealerships, we get a very low vehicle downtime.

Paul Smart

Paul Smart Transport


Scania engines are known for their fuel efficiency. Our new generation trucks take our reputation a step further. Improved injectors and combustion chambers combined with the new rear axle ratio, contribute to reducing both engine speed and cutting fuel consumption by 3%.

Tailored for you

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your application and operation.


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