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Plug-in hybrid truck

Our Plug-In Hybrid truck takes the strengths of both the electric powertrain and the traditional combustion engine powertrain, to provide you with a vehicle that can run emission-free when needed, while still retaining the extended range possible when running on HVO or Biodiesel. Coupled with our connected services you also get fully automated switching between combustion engine and electric operation based on both geographic zones and time schedules.


4x2, 6x2, 6x2*4

AXLE DISTANCE                    
4350 – 6350mm

P, L

Powertrain, batteries and charging

DC09 – 9 litre inline 5 cylinder engine
From 280 to 360 HP

Permanent magnet electric machine with oil spray cooling.
~130 kW (peak)

~115 kW (continuous)


90 kWh (Installed)

CCS type 2 plug-in connection up to 95 kW/145 A DC

Max 29 t


FLEXIBLE OPERATION - Provides the benefits of quiet and emission free operation for urban distribution and transport usages, yet with the flexibility and range of a combustion engine truck. This means it may be the most viable way to start electrifying your fleet today.

EXTENDED UTILISATION - More and more cities announce strict emissions and noise regulations. A plug-in hybrid truck will not only let you keep doing business as usual, but may also allow you to extend your transports into night-time deliveries with lowered traffic, higher parking availability and more efficient transports as a result.

QUICK CHARGING - Our hybrid powertrain gives you up to 60 km of electric range and uses both regenerative and external charging. Charges to 80% capacity in just 35 minutes, meaning a substantial part of urban distribution routes can run as fully electric through opportunity charging during loading and unloading.


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