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Our powerful and fuel-efficient trucks are legendary. The S-series reinforces this even more. The entire 13-litre engine range features SCR technology, which reduces environmental impact and fuel consumption without compromising strength. Gearing is smoother and faster for the 13-litre range and the famous V8.

Euro 6

13 litre
16 litre

Engineered to perfection

All our Euro 6 engines are approved to run on up to 100% HVO. Our latest improvements to the 13-litre go even further and reduce fuel consumption by up to 3% percent.


Our 13-litre six-cylinder units have output levels of 370, 410, 450 and 500 hp with SCR technology.

Engineered to perfection

All Euro 6 engines are approved to run on up to 100% HVO. We have reduced their fuel consumption to make your costs lower still. But we won’t stop there. We’ll keeping working to improve performance so your business benefits even more.


The Scania V8s are available with power ratings of 520, 580, 650 and 730hp.

Tailored for success

"We’ve thoroughly analysed all major heavy transport operations and feel confident that we can make well-substantiated tailored specification recommendations."

Christopher Podgorski

Senior Vice President, Scania Trucks


The S-series – engineered and refined to perfection. The result is standing right in front of you.


Scania offers a range of single reduction drive axles. Hub reduction is also available in two strengths. The R753 is a robust single gear with a ratio of 2.35 to keep the engine revs low at high cruising speed.


We customise our services to meet the unique needs of your application and operation.


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