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Optimal performance

Uncompromising strength

The P-series thrives on dense and congested urban streets and on hectic construction sites. Our powerful and fuel-efficient trucks are legendary. The entire 7-, 9- and 13-litre engine ranges feature SCR technology only, which reduces environmental impact and fuel consumption without compromising strength. Gearing is smoother and faster than ever before.

Euro 6


Low weight and low consumption

The 7-litre engines are new to the Scania engine family and are lighter than the 9-litre range, making them perfect for urban environments. The range offers great performance and driveability together with fuel savings of up to 10 percent.


Our 7-litre, six-cylinder engines have power outputs from 220 to 280 hp.

Raw power

Our 9-litre engine is available with 280, 320, 340 and 360 hp depending on your choice of fuel. In addition it gives you a significant weight reduction compared to the 13-litre engine, enabling you to add a little extra to your payload without compromising your performance. 


Our 9-litre, five-cylinder engines have power outputs from 280 to 360 hp.

Engineered to perfection

All our Euro 6 engines are approved to run on up to 100% HVO. Our latest improvements to the 13-litre go even further and reduce fuel consumption by up to 3% percent.


Our 13-litre six-cylinder units have power outputs of 370, 410, 450 and 500 hp with SCR technology.

Smoother ride

The lay shaft brake improves gear shifting performance, reducing the time it takes to change gear.

“With new engines, driver training and continuously monitoring our deliveries in real time, we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions in our operations by around 50 percent between 2015 and 2017.”

Nerio Zurli

Managing Director for HAVI Logistics


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