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For urban services

Flexible combinations

Tailored for hectic operations in tight city conditions, the L-cab combines a spacious interior with compact exterior measures. Excellent cross-cab access, comfortable kneeling function, and improved visibility make getting in and out of the vehicle quick and easy.

Tailored features

Driver’s area
Exterior design

Keep track of nearby<br/>pedestrians

Our new L-series cab puts you on the same level as the other vehicles travelling the city streets. The optional city safe window low down on the passenger door improves the chance of detecting children, pedestrians and cyclists near the truck.
Furthermore, the driver sits low with an optimal view forward and to the sides thanks to the low dashboard and low window sills. The compact mirror housings and wide gap between the A-pillar and the mirrors maximise the field of vision.

Easy climb

With its lower entry it is designed to minimise strain on your drivers’ knees and arms. The new L-cab  provides easy, one- or two-step access into the cab. It also has kneeling as standard on the one-step version and as an option on the version with two-steps. With kneeling, the front air suspension will drop 100 mm as soon as you apply the parking brake.

Cab space

Maximised comfort

Scania’s new generation cabs and cab suspension have been totally redesigned, reducing vibrations to maximise comfort. The driver seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to find your perfect driving position.

Easy cross-cab access

The Scania L-series has excellent cross-cab access. The cab sits low and far forward on the chassis and the engine tunnel is out of the way. This makes it easy for the driver and crew members on the extra seats in the centre to climb in and out on either side of the vehicle.

Seats three passengers

Scania’s new L-series is designed with an optional extra two passenger seats in the centre of the cab, allowing up to three passengers to travel in comfort. The new L-series gives an ergonomic crew environment and increased efficiency and productivity.


Optimised air flow

Front, roof, side, underbody – all areas have been analysed, redesigned and optimised to achieve the lowest possible air drag. The shape of the cab and its corners, all gaps and angles have been narrowed and streamlined to achieve more efficient air flow and dynamic flow of lines.

Integrated lighting

The lighting is one of the most prominent features of your truck, enhancing both its appearance and safety levels. As part of the basic configuration, position lights and extra lights are now integrated into the cab, without having a negative impact on aerodynamics.

Outstanding working environment

Attracting the best drivers is key in order to run a successful urban operation. At Scania, we believe the best way to succeed is to offer your drivers an outstanding office and the support of smart services along with it.

Lowering threshold for urban deliveries


Find the accessories that make the most of your truck. We'll supply those vital extras that deliver improved comfort, enhanced safety and a truly efficient workplace.

Safety & Visibility

Tools to meet your demands

With the many chassis, engine and cab combinations you can specify your vehicle with the right tools for your operation.


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