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Robustness for all terrains and tasks

Whether you’re working in remote areas, close to mining clusters, or in an established mine, keeping the flow of crew and equipment moving and roads maintained is essential to maximising output.

Not just any truck

A comprehensive service truck fleet is indispensable to mine safety and to reducing downtime and production stops. Scania’s service trucks are designed to be easily driven through the hardest conditions to help deliver crew, equipment and other essentials that your operations require.

servicing capabilities

In the mines, the effects of not having fuel or servicing capability at hand will have a huge impact on production and quickly rack up unplanned costs. Including the costs of production. When a 360-tonne excavators need refueling, every minute is crucial to keep the production running. The Scania service trucks will be there on the spot and get the job done with no costly delays.

Back in business in no time

Efficient service and maintenance is the key to uptime. With the service-friendly design of Scania trucks and spare parts readily available, turn-around time can be kept to a minimum. That’s how we get the trucks back into action as fast as possible. An effective way to cut costs.

Safety is essential

At Scania, safety is top priority. Our trucks are rigorously tested to meet the toughest safety standards in the world. All the way from the cab which is built around a rigid steel cage, to the active safety systems, Scania mining trucks are designed to ensure a high level of safety from every perspective.

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Built for total flexibility

Balancing demands on cost efficiency and performance with weight and customisation opportunities has driven development of Scania’s unique modular concept. Today Scania offers robust and dependable solutions tailored to your business.

Ground clearance. A Scania with high chassis delivers superior ground-clearance.

With many years experience, Scania’s modular range of truck chassis offers almost limitless scope for customisation. Frames with single members are available, as well as flitched frames in several strengths.

A good way to improve total operating economy is to find the perfect balance between drivability, startability and fuel consumption. We do it by optimising the entire powertrain.