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Number one priority

We understand your safety

Safety standards differ depending on where you are in the world, and we make sure that our products and services are tailor-made to your requirements, for maximum safety in your operation.

Built in safety

Whether it’s a truck, bus, or engine, safety requires a comprehensive approach to both design and safety testing. Lay-outs, systems and driver aids are designed for quick and intuitive handling, especially crucial in critical moments where decisions and actions needs to be taken in a split second.

Safe services

Whether it’s a Scania operated workshop or if we train your technicians for higher workshop efficiency, we emphasise on safe ways of working to ensure minimum amount of incidents and disruptions in your production processes. The same safety thinking goes into all services we provide.

Operational safety

Unmatched production equipment, spillage, bad roads, and many other factors could lead to safety incidents. Scania Site Optimisation can help you look into these factors and help find suitable measures to ensure high productivity with fewer risks.