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Timber Transport

Rough forest roads

While some define their business challenges by their payload, it’s the road ahead that characterises yours. Because there’s a huge difference between driving up and down rough forest roads and travelling long distances on the highways. The new generation of Scania trucks and services comes tailor-made for your business.


Total vehicle efficiency


Maximise time on the road

Fuel Efficiency

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Tailored for the only business that matters. Yours.

Fuel Efficiency

Master your mission

When it comes to increasing productivity, much depends on your cycle and the quality of the road ahead. Short distances often mean rough roads and call for robustness to make it that extra mile. Long distances require a weight-optimised vehicle that will add several kilos to your payload. How does Scania answer these two different needs?

Body adaptability

The Bodywork Communication Interface (BCI) connects your truck to its bodywork and helps them communicate. This option is crucial to programming the safety features and additional features when using the power take-off and other bodywork. 

Handling and stability

The newly-repositioned front axle comes with an improved suspension that will enable quick, accurate steering feedback and response. For vehicles that travel on rougher roads, the correct traction on the tyres is crucial to further improving manoeuvrability. 

Engine power

Driving on soft and gravel roads creates a high rolling resistance and requires high torque to maintain a fast average speed. So choosing the powerful V8 engine to move you along rough forest roads is an excellent choice for hauling timber. 

Why go out on a limb?

When working to constant deadlines because of the deterioration of the wood you’re hauling, on-time performance becomes a central focus. And unplanned downtime threatens your ability to hit those all-important targets. Here are some ways to make sure you’re on time every time.


There are more than 18,000 professionals and 1,600 workshops in our worldwide service network. This means you’re certain to find a local dealer along your daily route who will specialise in heavy vehicles and who is equipped with the critical parts needed for roadside breakdowns, all within flexible hours. 

Scania Assistance

If a road-side stand-still prevents you from coming to the workshop, then the workshop can come to you. Scania Assistance is available at any time, every single day of the year in emergency situations. Just one call will put you in touch with a service coordinator who knows your Scania and speaks your language. Scania Assistance also uses remote diagnostics to shorten the downtime.

Air intake indicator

The air intake indicator will warn you if the filters in your engine become clogged. Clogged filters impede the movement of air through your engine, causing a loss of power and an unnecessary increase in fuel consumption. The early warning may save you unnecessary costs in servicing and repair. 


Fuel consumption is one of those areas that you can convert from loss into profit. And if you can successfully turn deficit into surplus, it will actually impact upon far more than your budget. Because a fuel-efficient operation is also an environmentally friendly one.


The new generation comes with improved roof and side air deflectors, as well as a superior cab front design that reduces air drag. This is only a sample of the aerodynamic improvements that this generation has to offer and that will enhance your fuel economy. 

Driver Services

Scania Driver Training enables drivers to drive in ways that are more fuel-efficient and can reduce the need for maintenance. Our personal coaching programme also helps drivers prepare for unexpected situations. By optimising and maintaining the positive effects of training, drivers can stay at their absolute best. 

Scania Opticruise

The new and improved Opticruise will not only relieve your driver of all gear-changing en route, it will also save fuel. Opticruise is designed to adapt to the environment by taking factors such as road inclination, trailer weight and engine characteristics into account. 




It’s how your business benefits in the long run; what you gain by the end of the journey. You’ll learn how this value applies to your business when you meet with your local Scania dealer. Here’s a hint of what they might show you:

Fuel efficiency

While too little servicing may lead to unexpected and costly stops, too much of it results in a loss of productivity. Until now, mixed routes and changing cargos made it difficult to predict the ideal time for servicing. Our Scania Maintenance with flexible plans will help you find the perfect timings for servicing your vehicle. By continuously analysing your vehicle data, we are able to identify and act on your servicing needs before they occur. 

We’ve already highlighted several ways of reducing the weight of an unladen vehicle. This enables the payload – and likewise the revenue – to increase proportionally. The following example shows how opting for aluminium rims and decreasing your chassis weight by 100 kg will impact upon your payload.

  • Decrease in chassis weight: 100 kg
  • Journeys per year: 1,000
  • Payment: 10 € / tonnes 
  • 100 kg extra: + 1,000 € / year

Fuel represents a relatively high share of your operating costs – often around 25–30 percent. Scania Driver Services is a powerful solution that will improve your fuel economy. Investing in your drivers, even the most experienced ones, has been proved to result in a minimum of six percent in fuel savings.

  • Consumption: 55 l / 100 km
  • Annual distance: 180,000 km
  • Cost per litre: 1 €
  • Total fuel cost per year: 99,000 €
  • 6% reduction: - 5,940 € / year



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