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Grain Transport


When you’re hauling grain, delivering on time and in varying conditions is a constant challenge that varies for every individual business. Scania knows that your job calls for more than a standard solution that will increase your revenue in the long run.


Maximise time on the road


Total vehicle efficiency

Driver's experience

Better driving, working, resting

Tailored for the only business that matters. Yours.

Driver's Experience

Gain minutes. Gain money.

Scania knows that when you haul grain there are distinct peaks during the harvest season and a given place in the supply chain. So reliability and uptime is a top priority. Here’s a few ways Scania can keep trucks on the road where they belong.

Maintenance contract with flexible plans

How every truck is used can differ over time. That’s why Scania services them individually. Our new standard for maintenance contracts analyse vehicle data to pinpoint what needs servicing and when. For further flexibility, preventive replacements of components, such as alternators or batteries, can be added at a monthly rate. 

Scania Assistance

Scania Assistance also uses remote diagnostics to shorten downtime. If you can’t come to the workshop, then the workshop can come to you. Wherever you are, Scania Assistance is available at any time every single day of the year. Just one call will put you in touch with a service coordinator who knows your Scania and speaks your language. 

Driver Services

Scania Driver Training will enable drivers to drive in ways that are more fuel-efficient and can reduce the need for maintenance. Our personal coaching programme also helps drivers prepare for unexpected situations. By optimising and maintaining the positive effects of training, drivers can stay at their absolute best. 


Trucks need to be slim and flexible enough to carry heavy weight, but tough enough to handle the rough roads ahead. The solution? Optimise to maximise by finding the right balance between robustness, payload and powertrain.

Mount 5th wheel -82 kg

Choose the directly mounted fifth wheel and add 82 kg to the payload.

Choose normal roof -100 kg

The airy feel of our Highline cabs can be tempting. But so can the opportunity for 100 extra kg of payload. This is what you save by choosing the normal roof.

Higher front bumper -5 kg

If a higher front bumper complies with regulations in your market, you can gain another 4-5 kg.

Office with a view

Long distances, driving off-road in remote areas, and the waiting hours when loading and unloading are only a few of the challenges facing your drivers. Scania provide them with the best possible conditions, which is sure to pay off in the long run.

Driveability and comfort

Scania trucks have the highest torque-to-power ratio on the market, with class-leading handling and stability as well. One important addition is the state-of-the-art EST, Electro hydraulic power Steered Tag axle, another is the improved driver environment and interface.


Scania has improved visibility on the road, with slimmer A pillars, lower side windows, a lower instrument panel and a driver position that has been moved forward by 65 mm. The wiper system now cleans a larger area of the windscreen and the head lamp and spot lamp systems offer increased visibility to other drivers.

Fleet Management

Scania Fleet Management is an advanced set of services that connects your vehicles and drivers with your office. This ensures 24-hour real-time operational data that helps you identify, and act on, the key details needed to increase the productivity of your fleet and your business. 




Your local Scania dealer carefully calculate ways to get you as much value from your truck as possible. Here’s an idea of what they might show you.

Vehicle insurance

While too little servicing may lead to unexpected and costly stops, too much of it results in a loss of productivity in terms of unnecessary downtime. Scania Maintenance with flexible plans will help you find the perfect balance. By continuously analysing your vehicle data, we’re able to identify and act on your servicing needs before they occur.


  • Number of servicing days on a three-year contract: 10
  • Number of servicing days when using Scania Maintenance with flexible plans: 8
  • Average income per day: 600 € 
  • Increase in revenue: 1,200 € / three-year contract

When every hour counts, managing risks and claims management should be as quick and easy as possible. One of many reasons to choose Scania insurance instead of just any insurance is to avoid unnecessary downtime. Our claims coordination will save you at least one day of administration – that’s about 600 €.

In your industry, productivity and payload go hand-in-hand. By making smart choices when tailoring your vehicle, we can save unnecessary kilos on your truck and add them to your payload instead.

For example, weight optimisation: opting for a Normal roof instead of a Highline roof and combining it with aluminium rims will enable you to add 100 kg to your payload*.

  • Annual distance: 100.000 km
  • Utilisation: 50%
  • Price/tonne/km: 0.105 €
  • 100 kg increase: 510 € /year 

*Examples are based on estimations. Local variations may apply. 


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