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See how much your fleet can save by using the correct engine oil

Switching from earlier generation oils to the latest Scania LDF-4 is the optimum investment in your engine and your economy. Not only does the Scania LDF-4 save fuel, it improves performance, decreasing engine wear and negative effects on after-treatment systems.

In this example, we used a long-haul vehicle covering 180,000 km annually, with an average diesel consumption of 25 l/100 km. Diesel prices vary so we have used official fuel price data from DKV. We have also included seven oil changes during the three-year period.

The cost saving Scania LDF-4 delivers is via better fuel consumption, and the fact that only one diesel particulate filter change is needed instead of two. Real life testing has shown that LDF-4 reduces fuel consumption by at least 1 %, and potentially by 3-6%.

Cal­cu­la­tion 36 month


Improved Consumption
1% / 1350L
Diesel price
1,547 Euro/L
Cost savings on diesel
-2088 Euro

Oil change

Number of oil changes
Volumne per oil change
40 L
Oil cost LDF-4 vs LDF-3
+ 1 Euro/L
Oil cost
+210 Euro

Particle filter

1 Instead of 2
Filter cost
-820 Euro **

Total cost savings

-2088 Euro
Oil change
+210 Euro
Particle filter
-820 Euro
-2698 Euro / 36 months***

*) Actual savings depend on operating conditions, current fuel and oil prices.

**) Dealers are free to set their own prices.

***) Formula: 3 years x (180,000 km x 2,5 l/km x [local fuel price in Euro]) + 820 Euro – (7 oil changes x 1 Euro price premium x 30 liters).