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Interacting with every moving part of the engine, oil is a critical component - playing a vital role in the environmental impact, performance and economy of your Scania engine. And as modern, high-tech engines increasingly feature innovative materials and more-exacting tolerances, the need for a tailored, optimized oil blend for each engine family becomes more important than ever. That’s why for more than 20 years, Scania has developed, field tested, engineered and specified oil blends for each of its engine families.  

LESS FUEL - Using Scania approved oil versus general market oils results in improved fuel economy and therefore reduced fuel costs – better for your economy and the environment.

MORE UPTIME - Depending on the vehicle application and usage, service intervals can be significantly extended, giving you more time on the road.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS - A sustainable win-win; improved fuel economy, and fewer oil changes reduce your environmental impact.

PACE OF MIND - Protect your investment in a premium engine with a premium oil. You can rely on Scania Oils; they are developed, tested and proven for service intervals up to 155,000 km. There is no better protection for your Scania engine than Scania Oil.


Scania Oil is engineered to deliver the best possible performance, economy and protection for your engine. But what is the science behind producing an oil that matches the exact requirements of your engine? Scania’s Mattias Berger, Senior Technical Manager explains how oil blends differ and what makes Scania Oil the best choice for a Scania Engine.

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