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Connected Engines

Stay in control of your operation

With connected engines from Scania, you do not have to worry about lengthy or unplanned downtime and can enjoy more operational insight and facilitated fleet monitoring and management.

Real-time intelligence

By providing reliable real-time data from remote locations, connected engines from Scania link the office with the field. Fleet Managers and other office staff can monitor running time and status, position, speed, direction, movement patterns, fuel consumption and emission levels, for individual machines or the full fleet.

This data can then be utilised to increase uptime and operational efficiency, and to identify improvement areas. An intuitive online portal allows users to take quicker action on service issues, improve maintenance planning, set geofences, determine bottlenecks and loading frequency, and more. It can also help to gain product insight and function as a platform to help reduce cost and environmental impact.


Proactive support


Connected engines further strengthen our top-quality maintenance and repair capabilities. Apart from flagging minor issues ahead of an upcoming maintenance appointment, connectivity also allows Scania technicians to diagnose the engine remotely. For more complex issues, this means they can provide swift advice and ensure they bring the required tools and parts to the site. The result? Higher equipment uptime and productivity.

Our service offering

Having worked with connectivity for a number of years and connected close to 350,000 of our own vehicles so far, Scania has gained comprehensive experience within the field. During this time we have been able to develop and refine our connected offering for marine, industrial and power generation engines resulting in efficient processes and user-friendly tools that focus on customer value.

Packages includes the following

Monitoring package Control package Data Access package
Engine running hours
Fuel consumption
Maintenance planning tool (incl. defect reporting)
Environmental reports
Position & tracking

Equipment supplier package

Gives equipment manufacturers access to comprehensive data. Gain useful insights for future product development using data on how long and often the machines are utilised and where as well as on fuel consumption and emissions levels. Upon request, manufacturers that install a telematics unit can receive a startup report with information on when and where the equipment is taken into operation, allowing accurate warranty registration.


Our connected services require installation of the telematics unit Scania Communicator, which is delivered free of charge with every engine and can be installed either by the equipment supplier, Scania, or a Scania Partner. If not installed at that stage, on-site retrofit appointments can be arranged with the nearest Scania dealer.

Repair and maintenance services

If you want complete cost control and predictability, we offer everything from basic to comprehensive service contracts. To find out more about the terms and conditions of our service contracts, contact your local Scania representative or the supplier of your vehicle, vessel, or equipment.

In addition to that, Scania Assistance is available around the clock to offer support, putting you in contact with a coordinator who knows your engine and speaks your language.


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