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Treat your passengers as guests

A joy to ride

When your business is part of people’s experience, you can really benefit from Scania Touring's passenger pleasing features. With its powerfully sculpted exterior, it's a versatile coach, designed to meet the demands of occasional service and regular service over longer distances.

Work, comfort and utility

Let your destination and operation drive your choice of model. Whether you are exploring wide-open expanses or narrow city streets, Scania Touring keeps you moving.

Driver's area
Designer's choice
Luggage area

A pleasure to drive

Scania offers a well-designed ergonomic workplace. Dashboards are logical and every detail fits into a smoothly functioning whole. The highly adjustable steering wheel, together with pendant pedals, enables the driver to find the optimal position for safer and more comfortable driving.

Colour your interior

Two attractive, standardised interior solutions are available – choose between the Classic line and the Comfort line. Each has several upholstery options as well as different colour packages.

Load and unload

The luggage area is adapted to fulfil different needs within occasional and regular service. In both models, parallel, pneumatically or manually controlled luggage hatches open along the side of the bus, making it easier to load and unload, even in cramped areas.

A privilege to own

​Robust, high quality and easily recognisable. These were some of the guidelines for Scania’s styling team when the Scania Touring coach began to take shape on the drawing board.

Configurations for your transporting needs

Whether you are exploring wide-open expanses or narrow city streets, Scania Touring keeps you moving. The two-axle version is a perfect combination of manoeuvrability and capacity. With the three-axle version, you gain greater capacity, while still retaining manoeuvrability via the steering tag-axle.

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