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Smart and sustainable transport

The Scania Citywide is a proven platform offering real profitability based on high uptime, high passenger capacity, low fuel consumption and low life-cycle cost. With the widest range of commercial biofuels and options for hybridized powertrains you can make a difference. Now.

Biogas/natural gas

A sustainable choice

Bioethanol is the most widely used biofuel in transport today. It is also the fuel that is most likely to be able to supply both large and sustainable volumes in the future.

Low noise, lower emissions

Biogas can be produced from a number of sources, the most sustainable method is to use local waste, and gives the most emission cut for the money spent of currently available biofuels. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but offers environmental benefits in terms of low noise and lower emissions than diesel.

Made from waste

HVO is a high-quality bio-based diesel fuel that can be made from different sources – such as waste oil, rape seed oil, palm oil and animal fat.

Runs on plant oil

Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel produced from plant oil. It’s easy to handle and can be used in most Scania diesel engines.

Common for long distances

Diesel is still the most common choice for long distance operation, but the alternatives are gaining ground every day.

Bus for the environment

“Bioethanol is one the most viable renewable fuels for urban transport..



Unique CO2 savings with a hybrid

The Euro 6 hybrid powertrain runs on up to 100 percent biodiesel. The parallel hybrid system provides impressive fuel savings. Unlike other hybrids, the system is optimised for city and suburban operations and allows speeds up to 100 km/h.


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