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Battery Electric Vehicle

For a better city

Scania´s battery electric buses are designed to enable the sustainable and efficient mobility needed in the modern city of today and tomorrow. They are connected, equipped with a number of safety systems and features, and offer minimal noise and zero tailpipe emissions. The journey towards a better city environment starts with the fully electric Scania Citywide.

A bus for efficient operations

Compared to buses with conventional powertrains, battery electric buses and the transport system in which they operate need to be optimised in a much wider sense. Beyond entailing even more careful operational planning, the vehicles in the system need to be more thoroughly specified for and managed towards operational demands and also have a battery configuration that harmonises with the chosen charging infrastructure. The fully electric Scania Citywide offers fast in-route charging and is therefore perfectly suited to operations with demands on high passenger capacity and maximised uptime.

PASSENGER CAPACITY - Buses with high passenger capacity figures can create a more efficient public transport system, but also potentially help to keep costs down by minimising total vehicle fleet investments. Scania Citywide allows operators to reap those benefits by offering a technical capacity of up to 105 passengers – all due to high axle load capacity, reduced chassis and body weight, adjusted interior layout options, and by carrying less battery weight.

HIGH UPTIME - Reducing vehicle downtime and increasing utilisation is key in cost-efficient public transport. With fast in-route charging and the battery capacity needed to cover almost any city route, the fully electric Scania Citywide can stay on the road both day and night. Additionally, the buses are designed to be easily serviced and cleaned, making sure they do not have to be in the depot longer than necessary.

A bus made for people

For comfortable and relaxing journeys

Scania Citywide is designed to boost the appeal of public transport. It has a bright and spacious interior that is also easy to maintain and keep clean. Along with minimal noise levels, forgiving suspension technology, a reliable and efficient climate system, and built-in safety systems and features, this creates a positive passenger experience.

A great workplace

The driver area of the Scania Citywide is simply first-class. Designing it was all about creating the best possible work environment for professional drivers in terms of ergonomics and reachability, safety and visibility of vehicle surroundings, overall quality feel, storage space, and climate control. Combined with systems and features that offer excellent drivability and handling, this gives drivers a workplace they can enjoy and feel proud of.

"The electric buses actually work better than our well-run diesel buses"

Håkan Olofsson

Traffic Planner and System Operator, Vy Buss AB



Bus length: 
12.1 m

2.55 m

3.3 m

Technical passenger capacity: 

Wheel configuration: 

Door configuration: 

Permanent magnet electric machine with oil spray cooling.

~300 kW  2,100 Nm (peak)

~250 kW  1,300 Nm (continuous)

2-speed gearbox to optimise energy consumption

Upshift at 37 km/h

8 Lithium Ion batteries,  ~250 kWh, 650 Volt

Charging Options: 
Opportunity charged and depot charged.

Charging system bus line:

Inverted pantograph or roof mounted pantograph up to 300 kW, DC charger

Charging system depot:

CCS type 2 plug-in connection up to 150 kW DC, 22kW AC charging standard CCS type  2 Mode 2 (400 Volt, 32 Ampere)


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