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Wanted: ambitious self-starter

From historic Bulgaria to bustling Malaysia, Petko Filipov’s career at Scania has already taken him places, with the Master Technician confident that his journey has only just begun.

Petko Filipov is a firm believer in self-development.

In just seven years at Scania, he has gone from being an entry-level service technician in Sofia, Bulgaria, to being a Master Technician in Malaysia.

He says Scania’s worldwide network and culture of excellence have been the perfect foil for his own hard work and drive.

“Scania is a global organisation and represented in more than 100 countries around the world,” he says. “This means if you’re motivated and prepared to take responsibility, then you have a great opportunity to develop yourself. Besides, if you do the same thing for too long, you get bored.”

Substituting supervisor

Filipov, 30, took a master’s degree in engineering before starting at Scania in Bulgaria in 2008. Eager to make progress, he continually offered to help out his supervisors. “I helped them manage the workshop workflow and backed them up when they had to go on training or leave,” he says.

Soon Filipov was a deputy foreman himself.

However, after five years working in Bulgaria he was ready for a change. He spotted a range of Asia-based Master Technician positions advertised on the Scania intranet and applied for one at Shah Alam, not far from Kuala Lumpur. He was offered a year’s contract and moved to Malaysia with his wife, Ivalina, in October 2013. His managers are so pleased with his performance that his contract has been extended by two years to 2016.

“I enjoy living in Malaysia,” Filipov says. “There are three main cultures: Indian, Malay and Chinese, and you have three different types of food and festivals. And the people are so friendly and open.”

So, what’s next for this highly motivated individual when his current contract expires? “Another country maybe,” he says. “I don’t know yet, but I do know that I want to continue to develop myself.”