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Next generation Scania

Discover our new truck generation

Launching the new premium

We have kept you waiting for years. Engineering and refining to perfection. With the new generation trucks we designed a solution that is optimised to overcome the various challenges unique for your business, offering you the option of optimisation instead of standardisation.

Key features

  • rich-text-image New design and shape of the front and chassis for improved aerodynamics
  • rich-text-image Powertrain updates resulting in exceptional fuel efficiency and driving performance
  • rich-text-image Extended storage options
  • rich-text-image Enhanced driver’s seat adjustment options
  • rich-text-image Maintenance based on your operation increase uptime and profitability
  • rich-text-image Unique safety features such as roll-over curtain side airbags
  • rich-text-image More space behind the seats for wider beds
  • rich-text-image New infotainment system with 7” touch screen

Tailored for your business

In terms of finding the perfect fit, our well-known modular system and smart services have always been our biggest assets. With the right solution we secure outstanding performance in all conditions – and you will understand the true meaning of having a truck specially tailored for your business.

Long haulage A Scania long-haulage truck is a reliable partner on the road. By combining your truck with the ideal setup of services and support systems, you can always rely on your vehicle to provide optimised performance – no matter where you operate.

Industry solutions
Construction industry The construction industry faces increasing demands for sustainable and cost-effective production. With a powerful line-up ready for the toughest construction tasks, Scania is well prepared to meet the highly diverse transport assignments within the sector.

Construction industry
Urban operations Dense city traffic and tight schedules are familiar components for anyone operating in urban environments. Scania’s range of urban trucks and services provides robust and reliable solutions, entirely dedicated to take on the challenges of urban operations.

New P-series

Ten years of development work

Scania’s new truck generation is the result of ten years development. It represents the very latest advances in automotive technology for heavy-duty trucks.

Fuel efficiency This generation of trucks and services has been engineered to perfection with the goal of improving fuel efficiency. Through improved aerodynamics, new engine concept together with intelligent support systems, such as eco-roll and active prediction, the new generation Scania is in the lead when reducing fuel consumption.

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Driver experience Attracting the best drivers is key in order to run a successful operation. At Scania, we believe the best way to succeed is to offer your drivers an outstanding office with the support of smart services. With major product news and improvements down to the smallest details, this new generation is sure to improve the working environment of your drivers.

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Connectivity The new trucks are all connected, for the benefit of customers and drivers, but also for the planet. Connected vehicles provide valuable insight into operating conditions as well as the necessary intelligence to develop vehicles for even better performance – useful insight for Scania´s continuous research and development work.

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Safety Scania has significantly enhanced both the active and passive features of its vehicles. Scania’s new generation of cabs can be equipped with rollover curtain side airbags, a security system integrated into the ceiling. In addition to the mandatory auto-braking function, the trucks can also be equipped with a range of other active, safety-enhancing driver-support systems.

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“With our work we aimed for what we sometimes called ‘masterful control of majestic power’.”

Kristofer Hansén

Head of Scania’s Styling and Industrial Design division