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Engine technology

Always ahead

    Injection, combustion and turbocharging systems

    Being able to see far ahead and anticipate is as important to Scania drivers as it is in engineering. That's why we're always one step ahead when it comes to engine technology and develop key components in-house. We capitalise on our experience and expertise to build our engines with one aim in mind: to maximise your performance, save fuel, increase safety and minimise maintenance.

    Scania engine management

    The Scania engine management system is the brain of your Scania vehicle, and it's in complete control. We work closely with engine and transmission engineers to build our system to perfection.

    We developed a new generation of engine management systems so we can ensure complete control of all aspects of engine performance. Scania owners will be fully in charge of fuel injection, EGR, charge-air, cooling fan and engine operating temperature, variable-geometry turbo, exhaust braking, emission compliance (NOx control) and exhaust gas treatment.

    Our specialised engine management system comes with the added benefit of advanced on-board diagnostics and detailed logging of operational data that allows for smart analysis.

    Perfecting our combustion concept

    We developed the Scania modular combustion concept to maximise the potential for fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and generous torque. Every engine is built with absolute dedication to combustion efficiency.

    Each new engine starts with the creation of an optimised single cylinder unit. Variations in aspects of the design are evaluated and refined, leading to power outputs with the most desirable characteristics. 

    The potential for optimisation greatest when the physical dimensions of the bore and stroke are within specific critical limits that we maintain. The development of the Scania modular combustion concept is based on these findings.

    Engine designs have evolved over decades, but all Scania truck engines are based on this advanced concept. The engines have identical combustion chambers and many shared components, such as pushrods, valve gears, roller tappets and piston rings. This makes the engines simple to maintain and repair.

    Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to boost your operating economy

    Scania SCR is especially efficient at consistently high speed, high engine load and high gross weight, making it an ideal choice for a range of transport tasks. Scania utilize SCR or SCR in combination with EGR to manage Euro6 emission levels.

    Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is able to provide the appropriate cooling reserves for even the most powerful V8 engines. Aftertreatment with a urea-based additive, AdBlue, ensures minimal release of nitrogen oxide content with exhaust gases.

    As AdBlue is injected into the exhaust, a reaction takes place in the catalytic converter, which is integrated in the silencer. Scania’s patented control system monitors these reactions to ensure optimal performance at all times.

    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) helps to reduce emissions

    Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) reduces emissions during combustion, directly in the combustion chamber.

    Scania EGR lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and reusing a portion of the exhaust gas. This leads to an efficient reduction of nitrogen oxide content due to a lower combustion temperature. Scania EGR also cuts weight and leaves space on the chassis for larger fuel tanks. Whether on the open road, on the construction site or in the city, Scania EGR effectively reduces emissions in all conditions.

    Steady driving with Scania PDE unit injector

    Advanced combustion with high-pressure unit injectors.

    PDE unit injectors (an integrated fuel-injection system) deliver the right amount of fuel at the right instant – with precisely the right pressure. Combustion in each cylinder is individually controlled to minimise both fuel consumption and harmful emissions. As a driver, you’ll find that engine speeds are more stable when manoeuvring in heavy traffic or when crawling along in tight parking areas.

    Each unit injector has its own integral high-pressure pump, individually controlled at the point of injection. This results in lower fuel consumption and cleaner emissions. The system consist of few parts, which results in higher reliability. Functional testing with built-in diagnostics only a few seconds and can be completed by a Scania technician at the roadside, if needed.

    Scania XPI

    Stable performance, no matter the conditions.

    With Scania XPI (extra-high pressure injection), fuel delivery and injection pressure can be set independently of engine speed and load, with exceptional precision. This sophisticated system adjusts continually to adapt to changing speeds and situations, so you can get the most from every drop of diesel. It uses up to three precisely timed fuel injections to enhance performance and economy – while reducing harmful emissions – through every cycle.

    Up for the test

    The Scania Euro 6 engines went through arduous testing for thousands of hours before launch.