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Y.H.L Logistics

For Y.H.L Logistics in Singapore Theits partnership with Scania has grown beyond just buying trucks, for Y.H.L Logistics in Singapore. With Scania’s total solutions, the trucks are kept working hard on the roads to increase revenues for the business.

Y.H.L Logistics had its beginnings in Singapore in 1994, when Yeo Chye Wah – known affectionately as Botak Yeo in the industry – set up a sole proprietorship operating one truck. Eight years later, he converted his thriving transportation and logistics business into a private-limited company with his wife, Chai Kui Fah, as his joint director.

Although the business has expanded to more than 60 staff with a fleet of over 40 vehicles, the company still focuses on the transportation of loose cargo, hardware and heavy machinery for customers involved in shipping, shipyard operations, hardware, construction, and import and export. And its mission has remained the same: to provide quality transport services by delivering cargo safely and on time to customers.

Shifting Gears into Heavier Loads

Looking back at the company’s history, the husband-and-wife team recalls that 2008 was a milestone year, when Y.H.L. Logistics was ready to upgrade its fleet to handle heavier loads. The addition of four Scania P340CA4x2MNZ trucks that year bolstered the company’s ability to deliver more quickly and reliably, as fewer trips were required to carry the same amount of load.

“Known for its robustness, durability and safety, the Scania truck suits our main core business of transporting loose cargo and heavy machinery,” explains Botak. “It is the established and high-end brand for this segment, and our experience shows that the trucks do live up to the reputation. They have proven they can do a good job over the years.”

Since this first batch of four units, Botak has been beefing up his Scania fleet with further acquisitions of higher horsepower trucks. With the 16th on its way, the company’s Scania trucks now make up the largest number of vehicles of any brand in the fleet. This includes the addition of one G420LA4x2MHZ truck in 2011 and two P440LA6x4MSZ manual trucks in 2017, as the company continues to expand its fleet and replace ageing vehicles.

Y.H.L Logistics

“Our experience shows that the trucks do live up to the reputation.”

Botak Yeo

Managing Director of Y.H.L. Logistics

Delighting Drivers and Customers

While customers are pleased with the on-time deliveries, the drivers are also happy with the company’s choice of Scania trucks. As Botak explains, “The design of the cab provides a spacious interior for our drivers, giving them a sense of security, safety and comfort.”

This bodes well for the company as it aims to enhance the welfare and job satisfaction of its drivers. According to Botak, a stable team of loyal and long-serving drivers is able to provide higher-quality service to his end-customers. That many of his drivers have given him at least 10 years of service, some as long as 20 years, has sharpened the competitive edge for Y.H.L Logistics.

Leveraging Total Solutions

Another main important consideration in choosing Scania over other European brands is the excellent support from the Scania Singapore team. Botak cites, in particular, the assistance to select the right configurations to meet the business requirements, the after-sales support and the parts availability. The relationship with Scania has thus evolved into a partnership that extends well beyond the sale.

Building on this mutual trust, the company turns turned to Scania for the servicing of its trucks, including signing a repair and maintenance contract for some units in 2015. This long-term service contract gives has given the management greater predictability over the operating costs and vehicle maintenance schedules. The trucks may also be sent to any either of the two Scania workshops, conveniently located at Senoko Road and Benoi Road.

“Scania is able to give us a very quick turnaround when we send our vehicles in,” says Botak, explaining the benefits of the repair and maintenance contracts. “We get more uptime and mileage by keeping our trucks working on the road, which is very important to our business and to our commitment to our end customers to deliver their cargo on time.”

In addition, regular reports from the Scania Fleet Management Services provide the data for the operations team to track the performance of the fleet. Any abnormal readings are flagged for further investigation, ensuring the fleet is functioning at tip-top condition on the roads at any time.

Y.H.L Logistics

“We get more uptime and mileage by keeping our trucks working on the road”

Botak Yeo

Managing Director of Y.H.L. Logistics