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Scania IMO Tier III

Adding sustainable value to your business

Reduced emissions for marine engines

The new IMO Tier III marine engine range includes powerful 13- and 16-litre benchmark engines operating with minimum environmental footprint. Designed for both propulsion and auxiliary applications.

Sustainable power

Scania’s IMO Tier III engines feature documented reliability, fuel efficiency and operating economy with proven Scania SCR emission control technology developed in-house.

The IMO Tier III engine range states a cut of NOx emissions by more than 70% and when running entirely on HVO fuel, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 90%.

Propulsion applications

Scania’s solid record of outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability and high uptime is even more reinforced with the new IMO Tier III engine range, delivering unparalleled operating economy for displacement vessels.

Auxiliary applications

The IMO Tier III diesel engines are perfectly fitted for heavy-duty auxiliary use, like for instance water pumps, firefighting equipment and cranes. Compact design, unlimited adaptability and standard interfaces allow easy installation and seamless integration irrespective of application.