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About Scania Go
About the service
Bus and Comfort car

About the service

Scania Go is Scania’s new mobility service for more efficient, sustainable travel between buildings in the Scania area. Using the service’s associated travel app, you can plan your journey by shuttle bus, ebike, comfort car or Scania Job Express.

With Scania Go you can:

  • Plan your journey and view the quickest route to your destination using the Job Express, shuttle buses, ebikes or by walking.
  • See upcoming departures from various bus stations and timetables for various transport lines. 
  • See real-time updates from the vehicles, which helps to minimise waiting times.
  • Import your Scania Job Express ticket that you bought via Scania for Me and have it easily available in the app.
  • View your meetings from Outlook and find the quickest way there.
  • Get the latest information regarding the traffic situation through smart push notifications.
Scania Job Express

As a Scania employee, you are offered a comfortable, safe and eco-friendly commute to work by bus between Stockholm C or Liljeholmen and Scania’s head office in Södertälje. Tickets can be purchased via Scania for Me and using your e-mail address, you can import them into the Scania Go travel app so that you can easily show your ticket when you board the bus. For more information about Scania Job Express, visit Scania for Me

Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus operates three services: South <-> Gröndal, South <-> Karpen and South <-> Astra. Using the app, you can easily plan your journey using the shuttle buses to move between buildings in the Scania area in Södertälje in the most efficient way. 

Comfort car

You can book a comfort car by calling the comfort car switchboard on 08-55383322 when you want to travel between Scania’s units within Södertälje. The switchboard closes at 16.00 for booking an ordinary trip. The comfort car service is not an ordinary taxi service, but offers business-related passenger transport. 

As an employee you have the fantastic opportunity to use an ebike to travel between certain Scania buildings in Södertälje! All you need is your Scania ID card and a helmet. Download the Scania Go app and see where you can cycle.

There are a total of 40 ebikes available at four different ebike stations: CK, STC, South and 260. You can only cycle between the different ebike stations as the ebikes must be returned to their charging point after use. You can immediately see whether an ebike is available at the ebike station or in the app Scania Go. Unfortunately, you cannot prebook an ebike.

All employees and consultants at Scania in Sweden can borrow an ebike. White-collar consultants need to submit an application to use an ebike through the helpdesk (

Opening hours

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00. Bikes must be returned by 17.00 at the latest.

Opening hours season: the ebike system will be operational in 2019 between May and around mid-October. Closed during the industrial holiday period in weeks 29-32.

What do I do?

When you use an ebike, you must wear a helmet. Use your own helmet or borrow and return one at the receptions where the ebikes are located. Make sure that the helmet is wiped down when you return it. There are wet tissues available from where you borrow the helmet.

Scan your Scania ID card at the terminal by the ebike station. Click on “Låna en cykel” (Borrow a bike) and then select the ebike you want to borrow. Then click on “Bekräfta” (Confirm).  You have 30 seconds to remove your ebike from the charging point. If the bike is not removed within 30 seconds, it will be locked in place again and your card will not be linked to the ebike. You can adjust the height of the saddle by loosening the saddle clamp, moving the saddle to the required height, and then re-tightening the saddle clamp.

Click “MODE” to start the power assist. Use the arrows to set the power assist level. There are 5 levels. At a speed of 25 kph, the power assist automatically turns off.

Cycle on the indicated cycle paths, as shown in the app. They have been set up to ensure traffic safety. Cycle carefully!

While using the ebike, you are responsible for it. You are obliged to follow the relevant traffic rules and Scania’s user guidelines for ebikes (wear a helmet and cycle on the indicated cycle paths).

The borrowing period for an ebike is limited to 30 minutes at a time. If you return your ebike late, you may be contacted by the Scania ebikes team.

 The ebike must be returned to one of the ebike stations. Roll the front wheel (do not lift it) into a free charging point. When the light turns green and you hear two beeps, the ebike has been correctly returned. You are responsible for the ebike until it has been correctly returned. If you hear several short beeps and the light turns red, the ebike has not been returned. Try leaving the ebike in a different charging point. If this does not work either, you can force the charging point to lock the ebike securely. You can do this by scanning your card on the terminal and then selecting “Felanmälan” (Fault). Then force the charging point to lock the ebike securely.

If the station you intend to return the ebike to is full, put your ebike next to the station and lock it with the lock by the back wheel. Place the key in the key box located on the terminal. Scan your card on the terminal and click “Anmäl full station” (Report full station). Only then will your card be released from the ebike.


Faults with an ebike or charging point can be reported at the terminal at the ebike stations.

If the ebike you borrow is broken, replace it in the charging point and report the fault. Then borrow a different ebike.

How it works


For questions concerning Scania Go, Scania Job Express and the Scania Go app, please email to:

For questions concerning the Ebikes, the stations and the system, please email to: