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Reliable support

Our repair and maintenance services will help keep your Scania vehicles and all related parts - superstructure, trailer, body and parts - in top condition. With comprehensive maintenance plans, a recognized insurer-approved post-accident repair policy, and associated services, you can expect maximum uptime and minimum costs.


When serviced at Scania Dealerships, you get more than just an oil change. In addition to installing high quality Scania parts, you will receive additional benefits in the form of preventive inspections and software updates.


Before visiting a Scania Dealer, it is possible to download a status report for your vehicle. This allows you to reduce the time of visit and downtime of your car.

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Scania oil

Choosing the right oil helps improve performance and reduce wear. Scania oil will help protect your vehicles and extend their service life.

In safe hands

Scania Dealership is your versatile and reliable partner. For repairs or maintenance, you can get high quality service from dedicated professionals.

Repair at a fixed price

Take advantage of the package offer from Scania to carry out timely repair of complex components and assemblies with a profit of up to 70% compared to the same set of services and materials separately.

Post-Emergency repair

One accident can result not only in a dent on the car, but also in the loss of an entire business. If you need to continue on your way as soon as possible, contact Scania.



Our contracts allow you to pay for the maintenance of your cars in installments, which will provide better control over your budget and help you plan your pricing policy with confidence for your customers.




Flexible and tailored to your needs. All maintenance costs are covered for the duration of the contract. As part of the contract, you can visit any Scania dealership in Russia for service. It is possible to take advantage of the remote diagnostic system. You pay monthly or make a one-time payment.