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Financing is an important element of the range of services offered by SCANIA. SCANIA car financing services in Russia are provided by Scania Leasing LLC.

For many years we have maintained a stable position in the leasing market in Russia. The company is among the 10 largest leasing companies in 2008 and among the leaders in the truck segment.

According to the estimates of the rating agency "Expert RA" and the Russian Association of Leasing Companies, in 2008 our company took 1st place in the "Top-10" nomination in the segment of trucks (tractors / semi-trailers) in terms of new business volume.

  • Scania Leasing today is more than 50 Russian and European specialists;
  • We know the specifics of freight and passenger transportation both within Russia and internationally. Knowledge of the specifics of the industries in which the SCANIA technique is used allows us to ask professional and clear questions when analyzing projects;
  • We analyze projects using both the international experience of our colleagues in other countries and the knowledge of Russian specifics accumulated over 14 years;
  • The reliability of the SCANIA group as a borrower allows attracting resources to finance large and long-term projects;
  • The equipment we lease to you is not encumbered with a pledge in favor of the creditor bank. We do not put additional risk to vehicles, which are often the backbone of your business;
  • To reduce your risks on the road, we offer not just CASCO insurance, but also assistance in the settlement of insurance claims;
  • You can carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment at SCANIA service stations, including on the basis of contracts with insurance companies.


Scania insurance services are designed to help you minimise financial loss, maximise your uptime and give you complete peace of mind.