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Scania at UITP 2011

During the UITP World Congress and Exhibition in April, Scania will showcase sustainable solutions for public transport that are available here and now.

This year, with the global population reaching 7 billion, of which more than half is living in cities, we have every reason to get to grips with our future public transport systems. Scania at the UITP (in Dubai 10-14 April) presents a series of tools that are available here and now – that can be implemented without delay.

"Change of attitude is needed"

“Getting people out of their cars and on to public transport is a matter of convenience, comfort and effiency,” says Melker Jernberg, head of Scania Buses and Coaches. “A change of attitude is urgently needed if we are to cope with the conditions in new fast-growing cities, as well as in other urban areas where the traffic situation is getting out of hand.”

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems are leading the way, providing predictable and hassle-free travel even in peak-hour conditions.

 ”Going the whole way, combining BRT-systems with CO2-optimised vehicle fleets and sustainable biofuels, will prove to be both feasible and highly cost-efficient,” concludes Melker Jernberg.

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