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Scania highlights drivers’ health

When Scania begins the 2007 Road Show to present its vehicles and services around Sweden, health will also be a focus of attention. Drivers will be offered health screenings, ergonomic advice and massages. “To Scania, it is important that trucks are well cared for. And in the same way, drivers should be in good shape,” says Sigvard Orre of Scania Sweden.

Long days with hundreds of kilometres behind the wheel and short rest stops take their toll. A survey conducted by Scania among European truck drivers indicates that diet- and health-related issues are important to them. Given this background, Scania Sweden is choosing to expand its Road Show to include an opportunity for health screenings and advice.

A Scania health clinic on wheels is part of the company’s effort to highlight the key role of truck drivers in road safety, the environment and transport economy.

“The driver is a very important asset for a haulage company. A healthy, highly skilled and road safety-conscious driver is a win-win situation for everyone: the individual, the transport enterprise, society at large and the environment,” Mr Orre says.

Scania works actively to strengthen the well-being of its employees. Absences due to illness are low: 4.6 per cent of total working hours – a figure that puts Scania at the top among Swedish companies in the engineering industry and is comparable with such service sector enterprises as banks and insurance companies.

Aside from fitness, medical care and rehabilitation resources, Scania’s health programmes include expertise in workplace health and safety and psychosocial issues. Some 100 people work in Scania’s Swedish-based health programmes, half of them Scania employees.

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