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Scania at RAI in Amsterdam: The new powertrains och and the driver in focus

Scania’s new powertrains are in focus at the RAI exhibition. News from Scania includes a full range of Euro 4 engines and a couple of Euro 5 engines tailored to the needs of international long-haulage operators. Together with a new generation of gearboxes, this enables customers to optimise powertrains for any type of transport. Scania's latest offer in Fleet Management is also being demonstrated, including new services aimed at connecting driver and vehicle to any transport management system in the office. Scania continues to profile its commitment as a full service provider to customers. Drivers are strongly in focus – not least during the ‘Driver weekend’ 15-16 Oct.

The European Road Transport Show 2005 at RAI in Amsterdam is this year’s major commercial vehicle exhibition in Europe. With a floor surface of 1,600 sq m, Scania's stand is centrally located in the Europahal. Scania's press conference, held on the stand, is at 08:30 on 13 October.

The driver focus involves features from Scania's pan-European driving competition, Young European Truck Driver 2005. Scania will provide further activities specifically aimed at drivers during the ‘Driver weekend’ organised 15-16 October.

EGR and SCR – Scania masters both

Scania is launching its new range of Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines, using technologies to match the environmental requirements in the most efficient manner for any type of transport.

Scania EGR, exhaust gas recirculation, suits anything from stop-go city driving to long-distance haulage. Scania EGR is fitted to all Euro 4 inline engines, covering outputs from 230 to 470 hp.

Scania SCR, selective catalytic reduction, is the solution chosen for the toughest tasks and heavy long-haulage applications. Scania SCR works best under load when exhaust temperatures are high. The system is used on all Euro 4 V8 engines with outputs of 500, 560 and 620 hp, as well as on Scania's two first Euro 5 engines (12 litre 420 hp and 16-litre 500 hp). 

Scania's full range of Euro 5 engines, to be launched well before the standard becomes mandatory in 2009, will have Scania EGR combined with a new fuel injection system across the whole engine range.

Scania Fleet Management – a new dimension

From October 2005, Scania is extending its range of fleet management products with new services linking the truck and the driver to any kind of third-party logistics and transport management system used by the customer in the office.

Scania Order Support handles individual order information – delivery, pickup, status, etc. – fully integrated with the office system. Scania Driver Log allows drivers to keep the office updated about all activities. Scania's open IT architecture enables Scania’s onboard computers and full range of fleet management services to be used in a multi-brand fleet of vehicles.

A complete range of on-board computers is on display on the stand, including the new Scania Interactor 300. Scania is also changing communication concept to GPRS (from GSM/SMS), which is provided at a fixed rate throughout Europe. 

Scania – a full service provider

Scania always strives to provide the best possible operating economy for its customers. This philosophy, which is in evidence throughout the stand, is based on building long-term partnerships with customers, supporting their business with whatever Scania is best at handling. 

Services include truck rental and leasing. Financing is via Scania’s own finance companies in most countries, companies that are fully familiar with the conditions of the haulage industry. Various levels of insurance can be provided. 

Various types of repair and maintenance agreements can be included in the deal, enabling the customer to run with a fixed cost per kilometre. 

Driver training is of growing importance, given the lack of experienced truck drivers in Europe today, and the decisive influence the driver has on the overall operating costs, as well as on road safety and environmental impact.

Scania in the Netherlands

Opened in 1964, Scania Nederland in Zwolle is Scania's biggest production unit worldwide. With an annual capacity of 25,000 units, it accounted for more than 40 percent of Scania's global production in 2004, supplying trucks to most countries in Europe. 

Scania Beers, Scania's distributor in the Netherlands since 1949, has for many years been a forerunner in building long-lasting relationships with its customers.

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