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Final of Europe's top truck driver competition

On 20 September, 20 international finalists meet in Sweden for Scania’s pan-European road safety competition Young European Truck Driver. Organised in co-operation with the European Commission and other sponsors, this competition has attracted a total of 6,000 contestants and is Europe’s largest contest ever for young professional truck drivers. The objective is to raise safety awareness and thus reduce the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles.

Taking part in the competition were 6,000 professional truck drivers born in 1973 or later. Winners from national finals in the 15 EU countries, plus Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic will meet on 20 September for the European final at Scania in Södertälje outside Stockholm. The contest combines theoretical and practical tests emphasising road safety, fuel economy, and various types of precision driving.

“The response has been massive to the competition, not only from contestants but also from official bodies and road safety organisations all over Europe. This level of involvement shows that there is a common view on the importance of safety awareness and fuel-efficient driving,” says Kaj Lindgren, Group Vice President and CoS, Scania.

Fewer accidents – and a better environment

Road accidents are the most common cause of death in the 14–25 age range. Each year in the EU, around 40,000 people die in accidents on the roads. The European Commission’s goal is to halve this death toll by the year 2010. The Commission is sponsoring the Young European Truck Driver safety campaign, and has drawn up the implementation of the contest in co-operation with Scania.


Scania has a long tradition when it comes to developing safe road vehicles, and holds a leading position in the industry. But safe vehicles alone do not prevent accidents. This is down to well-trained drivers who drive safely, instinctively taking the correct action in unforeseen situations. With Young European Truck Driver, Scania has reached out to young drivers to encourage them to increase their safety awareness and further improve driving skills. It has also demonstrated the road transport industry’s commitment to road safety issues.


The effect of increasing safety awareness among professional truck drivers is not just fewer accidents, but a better environment as well. A safe driving style automatically saves fuel and reduces emissions.

“Scania wants to promote a better environment, fewer accidents, and better traffic conditions for all road users. The contestants have shown exceptional commitment. Young European Truck Driver has boosted the awareness of road safety and fuel-efficient driving among its target group. I am convinced that this competition is a vital contribution to the fulfilment of the EU’s road safety objectives,” says Mr Lindgren.

Sponsors on a European level are the European Commission, with IRU, Shell and Michelin as co-sponsors. The final takes place at Scania’s  Södertälje, Sweden on 20 September.

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