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Scania site describes global co-operation on 1,000,000th vehicle

Scania uses the latest in web technology to present how eleven production units on two continents collaborated in the production of the 1,000,000th Scania vehicle. With tools such as streaming media technology and 3D, video and audio clips, the production flows are demonstrated in an educational and entertaining way.

Scania's worldwide production system collaborated closely when the company's millionth vehicle was produced. Components were supplied by Scania produc-tion units from Luleå, Falun, Södertälje, Oskarshamn and Sibbhult in Sweden to Tucumán, Argentina and São Paulo, Brazil. The truck was then assembled in Zwolle in the Netherlands and underwent pre-delivery inspection in Angers, France.

The process is described using video and audio clips, as well as three-dimensional exploded views. Scania's unique product specification system means that the components are the same whether the vehicle is destined for Europe, Latin America or any other world market. Many components are also shared between Scania trucks and buses.

The description is found on a special page on Scania's website

"The millionth vehicle is an excellent illustration of Scania's global production system. Our aim is to report the event and combine it with the technical possibilities of the web," says Annica Ahlberg, web project manager at Scania..

"Our intention has been to produce a dynamic web solution that is attractive to all of our target groups - including customers and the general public. With tools such as streaming media technology and 3D, the operation of our production flow can be illustrated in an educational and entertaining way."

To working partner Microsoft, this is one of the most comprehensive applications of streaming video in Europe. Microsoft comments that the result is a good example of how international companies can exploit the lead enjoyed by technologically advanced Swedish Internet consultants to reach a global audience. The web page was designed by Libro TIME AB, a subsidiary of Libro AB, which is part of TurnIT AB.

The millionth vehicle was presented to the International Red Cross at a ceremony held in the Swedish pavilion at Expo 2000, the world trade fair in Hannover. The three-axle truck will be used by the organisation for relief work in the Balkans. Present at the ceremony were 22 Scania production employees representing the various production units involved around the world.

For further information, please contact Annica Ahlberg, Scania Corporate Communications, tel. +46-70-591 81 65.