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With reliable insights, there’s definitely a lot you can do yourself to make your operation run more efficiently. There are however core aspects where we can promise that we can help you leverage those insights into much higher business value. Our knowledge and experience doesn’t just span over more than a century of logistics and transport operations, it’s also based on real-life vehicle data from literally hundreds of millions of driving hours. Combined, that gives us a uniquely qualified perspective to help you get the most out of your operation.  For example, even with your very best drivers, we can optimize how they use your Scania vehicles to maximise fuel efficiency, reduce wear and maintenance needs and make sure the business potential of every Scania vehicle you have is taken to its fullest. Both on a short and long-term scale. 


Action services

Driver training


A driving masterclass beyond teaching how to drive a truck, but rather how to really make the absolute most out of your Scania vehicles for your specific operation and routes – no matter if you operate heavy-duty timber trucks or a bus full of passengers on their daily commute.

Our certified driver trainers leverage the latest in coaching and training methodologies, resulting in an average 10% reduction in fuel consumption – based on data from over 50.000 trained drivers. 


- Training tailored to your operation and specific transport type
- Substantial fuel savings
- Reduced emissions
- Increased road safety
- Decreased wear on both tires and powertrain
- Reduced service & maintenance needs

Driver coaching


We have a vast amount of empiric data that shows that without periodic follow-ups, certain driving habits that are counterproductive for maximised efficiency will always develop or re-introduce themselves over time. Through driver coaching we’ll keep an eye on your drivers’ performance, and do periodic check-ups and coaching sessions if and when we identify negative trends. With our flexible coaching program we’ll find the suitable amount of coaching for each individual driver. And if that amount turns out to be high, that’s actually a good thing too – because that means there’s a lot of efficiency to gain and turn into business value.


- Needs based coaching and follow-up
- Flexible and tailored follow-up schedule
- Coaching via phone, email or video calls
- Maintained efficiency long term
- Increased confidence and reduced stress for your drivers
- Catches potential issues before they affect your bottom line
- An investment in both your drivers and vehicles

Flexible <br/>maintenance


Knowing exactly how your vehicles have been driven, how they perform and utilizing all of those smart sensors is the best way to determine when you need to start planning for maintenance. A much better way than either a fixed time period or a fixed driving distance between service and maintenance occasions. With flexible maintenance based on your individual vehicle data we can help you stay ahead of the issues and minimise downtime.


- Plan ahead with increased insights regarding which vehicles will need service, when and for how long they will need to be in the workshop
- Schedule service and maintenance only during controlled downtime
- Split up service and maintenance needs into multiple occasions to utilize available downtime instead of creating new downtime.
- Service and maintenance when youneed it, where you need it.

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