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Fuel Theft Alarm

All too often, an unhappy driver finds the cap broken and the fuel tank dry. Scania therefore offers a Fuel Theft Alarm, with an installed sensor that monitors the fuel level for both single and double fuel tank installations.

A tank of 600–1000 litres can be emptied in just a few minutes with a high-capacity pump. The consequential damage is not only the loss of fuel and time but can also generate additional costs for road assistance or penalty fees for a delayed transport.

INSTANT RESPONSE - If the level drops significantly, the alarm is activated and emits a high-pitched sound, which it shares with the normal theft alarm system. The alarm is also activated when the fuel tank cap is tampered with. The customer will also receive an e-mail, text message and a warning notification in their Scania Fleet Management Portal if they have the Control Package.

DETERRENT DESIGN - A great advantage of the Fuel Theft Alarm is in deterring presumptive thieves through the design of the fuel cap on the tank that warns that the fuel is protected.

Remember to add this feature on your next truck