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Paving Path to Progress

Northern Cement Corporation (NCC), founded in 1967, has evolved into a progressive and dynamic organization whose strength lies in its world-class products, extensive experience in production & distribution, and highly skillful workforce.

“At NCC, we put a lot of emphasis on integrity, innovation, empathy, teamwork and providing the best customer service,” said Oliver Gorospe, Vice President and General Manager of NCC. To continually improve performance, we decided to acquire Scania trucks to help in the delivery of limestone and cement.

“We used to outsource the delivery but having our own trucks affords us a lot of flexibility and enables us to provide better service,” said Estaquio "Tics" Dela Cruz, Logistics Manager of NCC.


Tics Dela Cruz, Logistics Manager of NCC.

King of the North

The entry of Scania has cemented NCC’s position as the company to beat in Northern Luzon. Mr. Ramon Ang, the president, decided to get Scania for 20 units initially.

“We pride ourselves in the quality of our products that’s why we chose to work with the best trucks in the world,” says Oliver. “Our dealers know that Scania is the best so they are confident products will be delivered on time.”

“Not only are we able to deliver more products but we can now easily serve the requirements of customers in hard to reach areas,” says Tics. “When we used to outsource, we had a difficult time delivering to customers in Baguio which requires an uphill drive through more than 30 kilometers of snaking roads. Some of our regular contractors take on the business with the condition their trucks carry a lighter load while some straight out decline our business.”

Real Time Monitoring

NCC has also subscribed to Scania’s Fleet Management System, which allows them to monitor their fleet, including their drivers, in real time.

“In the past, we had to rely on mobile phones to monitor our fleet which proves very unreliable,” says Tics. “With FMS we always know the exact location of each of our trucks and we can monitor its performance in real time. We also use the FMS to assess driver performance to determine if they are eligible for rewards or incentives plus it serves as deterrent for drivers who wish to engage in illicit activities.”

Driver Comfort

“Our drivers attest to Scania’s power and efficiency. But the most important factor for them is Scania’s ease of use and level of comfort. Driving a Scania helps lessen the stress normally experienced in long-haul driving."

Tics Dela Cruz

Logistics Manager

Working with Scania

“Our customers have remained loyal throughout the years because we go beyond serving their requirements. We offer very personalized service and have cultivated close relationships with each and every one of them. To cite an example, we were able to convince one of our dealers to expand his business by putting up his own batching plant. We provided them with free training and technical know-how.” says Tics.

“We are very happy with Scania Services such as driver training. Proper training helps lessen the stress experienced by drivers, reduces the risk of accidents and allows the drivers to maximize use of the trucks,” says Tics.

“One of our key KPIs is to ensure timely delivery of products and that would be hard to meet if the truck breaks down. Scania provides the proper maintenance schedule and weekly, we submit to Scania data from the trucks so its performance could be closely monitored,” adds Tics.

“We are very happy with the quick response from Scania staff and we are looking forward to getting more Scania trucks in the future,” ends Tics.