Our History

Scania Parts Logistics


At the end of the 80's, Scania’s parts operations were centralized in Södertälje (Sweden), 30 kilometer south of Stockholm. More than 95% of all Scania products were – and still are – exported and a new parts center, closer to the markets, was needed. At the same time, borders in Europe were no longer a hindrance to transport. An opportunity arose to deliver no longer via importer warehouses, but directly to dealers and workshops.

Eighties & Nineties

During the eighties and nineties, Central and Western Europe became the most important market area for Scania. This development, together with growing market volumes in several countries, created the need for a second distribution center. Opglabbeek in Belgium was chosen to be the location for Scania’s new parts center in Western Europe

In May 1993, Scania Parts Center in Opglabbeek (Belgium) opened its doors. The total surface of the building was 19.000 m², of which 14.300 m2 storage area.

'00 - '06

In 2000, a first warehouse expansion took place. Approx. 13.000 m² were added to the initial building. In March 2006, the decision was made to close one of the 2 central warehouses in Europe.

As Opglabbeek was centrally located versus customers and suppliers, the decision was made to close the warehouse in Södertälje (Sweden) and centralize all warehouse activities in Opglabbeek.

The warehouse was expanded again: 33.000 m² of new warehouse surface has been built, as well as extra offices. The lay-out of the total building has been changed and adapted to the new needs.
'07 - now

To process and deliver orders faster in South East Asia, an Asian Parts Center opened in 2011 in Singapore. The dealers and workshops can be directly supplied via this Parts Center.

In April 2013, the Latin Parts Center moved from São Bernardo do Campo to Vinhedo. The region in which Vinhedo is situated, has become the logistics center of road and air transport. The new building is 16.000 square meters and provides an increase in storage capacity of 60%.

In 2013 , the warehouse in Opglabbeek was expanded with an additional of 37.500 m². This investment ensures that the availability of our parts remains at an excellent level.