Our core values

Our core values

Our core values define our company’s culture. They’re closely linked, guiding our actions and creating value for our stakeholders. We share a way of thinking and working, and everyone at Scania contributes by strengthening and continually improving how we operate.

Customer first

Understanding our customers’ businesses helps us create solutions to enhance their profitability. Creating operational efficiency, boosting profitability and promoting sustainability are at the heart of the value chain: from R&D, sourcing and production, to delivery and financing of vehicles, engines and services.

Respect for the individual

The individual is at the heart of all we do. We capture the knowledge, experience and ambition of each individual to continuously improve the way we work. New ideas that arise during the working day lead to increases in quality, efficiency and job satisfaction.


High-quality solutions are essential for our customers’ profitability. Knowing our customers’ needs and requirements ensures that our products and services meet their exacting demands. Any deviation is used as an opportunity to improve, and every opportunity to eliminate waste and inefficiency is seized.